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(A Complete "Done for You" Training Toolkit!) 

"Pick and choose from these additional fun learning and teaching tools that are offered in multi-media formats!"   

My Eco-Intelligent Eating Self-Inner-View Podcast Series

This conversation highlights:

  • Why I created the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model.  

  • Why health experts say the USDA Eating Model is flawed and misleading.

  • Why to support the organic movement.  

  • Which organic foods to buy, and which to avoid.  

  • Health benefits of the 12 food groups featured in my eating model. 

  • Meal-making inspiration for the whole family!

  • And, personal stories and health tips from my journey as a self-healer, nutrition educator, eco-lifestyle mentor, and mom.    


My Eco-Intelligent Farming & Eating Model Infographics 

These colorful graphics illustrate the difference between eco-negligent farming and eating  which creates personal, social, and environmental health problems, and eco-intelligent farming and eating  which does the opposite. 

'Candia's Kitchen' Video Series

I'll show you how to make 50 of my favorite cookbook recipes, and share valuable health tips that’ll make you eager to prepare them! Whether you choose to make a simple and delicious nut milk, a smoothie, or an entree that features ancient grains, I promise to whet your appetite with some new ideas! 

Bonus Booklet: Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way!

In this 3-Part booklet I interview myself to find out the reasons I was inspired to write each of my cookbooks. You'll be inspired to think about your relationship with your body, the natural world, your culinary tools, and the recipes that can  

70 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-Graphics, PLUS  Quizzes! 

Learning Categories Include: 


* Farming Sustainably (Organic, non GMO farming, permaculture, composting, and bee saving)  

* 12 Eco Food Groups (Explores the food groups that are featured n the Eco Intelligent Eating Model) 

* Culinary Inspiration (Eat with the seasons, use eco-friendly cookware, turn cooking into an effort of your soul)  

* Explore Custom Diets (Paleo, Vegetarian, etc.) 

* Avoid Diet Stressors (Wheat, dairy, sugar, fake sweeteners, excitotoxins and anti-nutrients, etc.) 

These colorful, text-rich graphics (which double as table placements or refrigerator tattoos), make learning and teaching "easy as pie." The quizzes give you and learners a meaningful way to personalize what you learn.   


Community Contribution Bonuses: 


* Organic Fact Sheets (learn about the realities and myths surrounding organic food production and organic food nutrition.

 * Green Colleges Directory (Discover colleges that are serving sustainable meals.) 

* Teach-In-Tool Resource Guide (Mobilize students to learn about health issues affecting the planet.)

Extra Tools to Make the Case for Eco-Intelligent Farming & Eating


* Report: Top Ten Ways to Make Organic Food Affordable

* Booklet: Answering Our Urgent Need for a Sustainable Eating Model


Your Graduation Certificate

Choose from 3 beautiful designs to honor your accomplishment. Get a personal endorsement from me (on your resume) when you speak with me on the phone, prior to completing the course, or afterwards. 

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