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"Make friends with your body, the earth, your kitchen,
and your culinary tools!"

(This Cooking Training Toolkit Includes: My "Deep Dish" Booklet (Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way) + 50 Gourmet Cooking Videos + 40 Tabletop TUTORS (Colorful, Text-Rich Infographics) + Articles (Cooking and eating in hamrony with your body and the earth.)    

Do you cook and eat in an eco-enlightened way? Have you discovered the joy of using the earth's traditional whole foods, to prepare delicious meals that nourish your body and sustain the life of the earth? If not, here's my invitation to do so! - Candia Lea Cole 

In today’s world, you might agree with me, the planet’s health is ailing. And so is the health of the people who are living on it!


Do you know HOW to cook and eat in a way that serves to nourish your body and sustain life on the earth? If not, it’s time to claim your true power in the kitchen!


While many people approach meal making as a mundane or tedious task, -one in which they rush to get a meal on the table, or one in which they focus solely on meeting their body’s daily requirement for nutrients, these actions don’t always feel like an effort of the soul.


So, how do you turn cooking into “an effort of your soul” (an expression of your innate eco-intelligence)  you might be wondering?

In the educational course that I'm offering you, I invite you to explore the answers to this question in a little book that I've created titled: "Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way." 


My book shares with you the journey that I embarked on as a young teenage woman when I was seeking answers about how to heal the condition known today as environmental illness, and I was guided to explore food as a form of medicine, for both my body and the earth's body, too! 

In my book, which is actually a "deep dish" self-interview, I explore the question of why meal making has become such a vitally important activity in my life, for maintaining my wellness.


I talk about some of the specific health challenges I dealt with, which led me to adopt a largely plant based diet and create a plethora of of healthy, eco-friendly recipes that eventually translated into three highly revered whole food cookbooks. I also talk about my creative cooking process which gave me a way to enter into a healthy, life-affirming relationship with my body, the earth, my kitchen, and my culinary tools!         


NOT MILK…Nut Milks!

Super Smoothies-Taste the Nectar of Life!

Gourmet Grains-Main Dishes Made of Nature  

3 Cookbooks.jpg

I’ve extracted as many as 50 recipes from my three whole foods cookbooks, for this course offering, and you can watch me prepare them on a (linked to) series of videos, whenever your hunger for learning hits!

* Sip on my pastel colored palate of creamy, fruit spiced nut milks, which are chock-full of heart-healthy, brain healthy fats, and which protect the health of cows and the environment!  

* Sip or spoon my scrumptious, vibrantly colored 4-season "super smoothies" which are as filling as a meal, and which serve to build your body, cleanse your aura, and elevate your consciousness!  

* Savor my hearty and delicious gourmet grain entrees, which are made from nature's ancient grains, along with accents of of fresh vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and herbs! Feel good about using meatless meals to lighten your ecological footprint!   



My course, which includes a special, handpicked assortment of learning and teaching posters (aka Tabletop TUTORS) invites you to experience the realization that "why" to cook is more important than "how" to cook!     


* Explore a relationship with nature that inspires you to be an advocate for "green" farming and seasonal eating. 

* Consciously choose the ingredients you eat so that you, alone, are in charge of what you put into your body. Learn how yin and yang foods types balance your body.

* "Make friends" with your kitchen, your culinary tools, and the primal elements you cook with that your survival is dependent upon!

* Explore the legend and lore of traditional whole foods, which offers to romance your culinary imagination.

* Connect in your mind's eye to a culinary friend or archetype when you set out to prepare a meal, that will support you in honoring and celebrating your "higher purpose" in the kitchen.

* Call upon the intuitive and analytical parts of your brain in the cooking process to make the process of cooking new recipes less intimidating.

* Eat a colorful, texture-rich spectrum of foods that have the power to cleanse and detoxify your body and elevate your spiritual consciousness.

* Use your everyday meals to make a social or environmental "statement" which reflects your commitment to protecting the health and welfare of people and living things!       



"Candia Lea Cole is a cookbook author and health writer whose work with food you should know about!  There's something special about her message…she has a soulful desire to share her findings about her connection with nature and the inspiration it brings to the creative process of food preparation."  Grace Kirschenbaum, Editor of World of Cookbooks, The International Cookbook Newsletter


If you prefer to access this course through a log-in member site, rather than purchase the course from my store on this site (which delivers it to you in a downloadable folder), please go to the Simpliv online learning platform, here:


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