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To Adopt an Eco-Sustainable Eating Model!  

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Food is life and life is precious. When we unearth the powerful life-sustaining energy within our food, we can live healthier and happier lives.


But food is not healthy if it's the by-product of a toxic industrial farming system that depletes and poisons the environment, as well as our own human ecology systems.


Can we trust the USDA Eating Model's food recommendations and eating guidelines, if it tells us "what to eat" and "how much to eat", but neglects to tell us about how the food we eat is produced?


Are you ready to adopt an eating model that features a more honest and ethical message?

  • In my book, you'll make an acquaintance with The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™, a bold new alternative to the USDA Model that teaches you the value and necessity of "farming green" and "eating clean!"

  • You'll discover the ways in which organic farming nourishes the Earth's ecology, and explore the traditional whole foods that offer to nourish your human ecology!

  • You'll also get tips for recycling food waste, limiting food packaging, and practicing eco-conscious cooking and eating!

  • One bite at a time, you can make a difference!

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