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"Learn about & Teach others about, the Value of Using Nature's Pharmacy to Nourish Neurological Balance & Inner-Well-Being!" 

This Training Toolkit Includes: My Eco-Health Quiz + Excerpt from My Mental Health Book ("My story" in audio format) + 4 Pt. Podcast and Mini Book (Mom and Son Talk OCD) + 3 videos (Help for OCD, Anxiety, and Depression) 60 Tabletop TUTORS Infographics (Lifestyle Support for Mental and Neurological Well-Being) + Top Ten Grocery Shopping Hacks + Gold Directory (Natural Health Care Practitioners) + Investigative Health Reports + Mentor Support and Resume Endorsement! 

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"Are you a person who experiences OCD, anxiety, or depression? Or, do you care about someone who does? These conditions are causing great suffering in our world today and costing us billions of dollars in health care!  Unfortunately, the drugs used to treat these conditions are often addictive and they don't address their root cause! Mother Nature's pharmacy, you'll discover in my training, offers safer and healthier options for self care."    — Candia Lea Cole 

Course Overview

* This course helps you to understand the role that toxins, infections, hormone imbalances, unhealthy diet, gut bacteria imbalances, and radiation play in creating the symptoms of OCD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

* You'll learn about the value and necessity of creating a clean, green lifestyle that serves to protect and nourish your body/brain ecology system as a whole. 

* You'll gain awareness about why your efforts to 'heal' your mental health, offers to be a more rewarding than your efforts to 'cure' it.

Basic Knowledge


No prior knowledge is needed to participate. Just bring a curious mind, and a willingness to awaken your innate eco-intelligence.


In my course, I invite you to learn about my journey as the parent of a young child affected by OCD, who has since become a mature, high functioning adult. 


I'll also tell you about my own experience with depression and anxiety, which I have learned to manage and heal through healthy living, and the cultivation of a loving relationship with myself and the natural world. 


The content offered in this course is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or qualified health care practitioner. However, you are encouraged to share the availability of this course with them!      

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What You Will Learn (Educational Tools) 

My Eco-Health Quiz: Are Toxins Robbing Your Health Blind? This quiz helps you to determine your body’s burden of toxicity and identify chemicals in your home and workplace that are reported to cause and/ or exacerbate mental health issues.


2-Part Podcast: 1) My Story (/Excerpt from my book “Nourish Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being the Eco-Intelligent Way.”) I share my personal journey with environmental illness and how it has shaped my interest in using nutrition (and a non-toxic lifestyle) to restore my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 2) My Parenting Story: I share my son’s journey with OCD and explore the physical stresses that impacted his health, as well as the emotional ones.  

4-Part Podcast and Mini-Book: “Healing OCD, The Eco-Intelligent Way”: Read or listen in on a conversation between me and my son, as we explore the origins of his OCD together, and I guide him in understanding the food and lifestyle choices that serve to benefit his well-being. Includes: My son's “Drug-Free Prescription for Optimal Brain Health." (As your doctor if you can benefit from what is prescribed!)  

My "Ask the Experts" Reports includes valuable information and resources that validate the ideas I/we talked about in the podcasts. 

My 3 Educational Videos: 1) "What is OCD and OCSD?" 2) "What in the World Causes OCD?" and 3) "12 Radical Self-Care Tips for Managing and Healing the Symptoms of OCD."  These videos speak to the underlying causes of all mental health issues, not just OCD.



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 Educational Bonuses! A Complete Tool Kit! 

·         My 60+ Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics give you an easy and fun way to educate yourself (and others!) about all things clean and green.  (Topics include parent challenges, brain health, gut health, eco-intelligent nutrition, recipes, natural medicine, healthy home, clean laundry and personal care, and hidden gifts, etc.)

·         My Top Ten Grocery Shopping Hacks Report helps you to make organic food affordable, and guides you to avoid the number one deadly toxin contained in America's food supply that is being linked to neurological health issues.

·         My Natural Health Care Practitioners Directory helps you to learn about doctors practicing functional medicine, who are well versed in treating brain health issues without the use of drugs. Get the facts about HOW toxins lead to mental fatigue, anxiety, OCD, depression, mood disorders, ADD, and memory loss.

·         My Investigative Health Reports: Learn about the health risks that are linked with your exposure to radiation, EMF's, and dirty electricity. Discover how you can protect yourself and your family. Gain access to ed. tools that can support you in educating your community about this public health risk.

·         You'll also learn about vaccine risks, and explore a time-tested alternative. No matter where you stand on the issue (to vaccinate or not), knowledge is power. Vaccine Checklist: Created by a doctor who treats children with autism spectrum, this list of vaccine dangers invites medical accountability in the vaccination process.   


You can get this training from my store, in the form of a download folder.

Or you can access it on Udemy, a log-in learning platform:

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