toxic chemicals in clothing infographic poster

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When you find clothing items in department stores that express your unique style and enhance your body shape, it’s easy to be romanced by them. But did you know that the manufacture of your clothing is poisoning the Earth, as well as your body? The clothing production cycle has a massively depleting impact on the environmental resources. And the fabrics you wear on your body, which are the end product of this process, carry alarming human health risks, including the risk for cancer! In this informative poster, you’ll your eyes will be opened to the poisons that are routinely used in the manufacture of polyester (a petroleum-based product), cotton (a pesticide-drenched product), and wrinkle-free clothing (a formaldehyde and Teflon treated product). Is it true that lead is used to create clothing accessories? OMG! What’s the alternative to toxic clothing?! Find the answers in this poster!

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