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Discover the inner and outer relationships that govern your ecological health, wholeness and happiness. 


Are you aware of the inner and outer relationships that govern your health, happiness, and well-being? Have you ever thought of your body, mind, heart, and soul, as parts of your human ecology system that are designed to work together for optimal wholeness, just as nature, plants, animals, insects, and ecosystems are designed to work together for optimal wholeness? In today's world, it is easy to lose a sacred connection with the parts that make us whole. This loss of connection is (in large part) the cause of humanity’s stress and unhappiness. In this course module you are invited to reconnect with your whole self and the natural world that you are an integral part of.  Learn how to give nature a voice. Discover a fun way to see your own beauty and power in the faces (and forces) of nature.  Explore how the laws of nature support your emotional balance and growth. Recover your sense of place, purpose, and belonging in the great web of life.      


Explore how you, and all humans fit into the great web of life. 


Consider the ways in which our disconnection from the natural world and our attitudes of superiority have led us to wound the Earth consciously and unconsciously. 


Consider the ways that Mother Nature communicates with us to let us know that she is in distress and learn about the senses we are born with that give us the ability to discern what this stress is guiding us to know and do. 


Face the fears and the feelings of guilt that have arisen in our beings as the result of living out of harmony with the Earth.


Consider whether your earliest bonding experiences in life prepared you to bond with nature. 


Discover what it means to regrow your broken bonds with the natural world and explore an inspiring way to reconnect with nature (through your primitive “feeling” self) that inspires a sense of wonder, joy, and self-empowerment in you. 


Explore the ways in which knowing nature’s laws helps us to grow emotionally. 


Learn how our addiction to digital technology is hurting our ability to be in a healthy relationship with ourselves, each other, the Earth, and the greater cosmos.        


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