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Stoke Your Passion for Eco-Sustainable Living and Mentoring!  




•    Your Human Ecosystem, the Earth’s Ecosystem: Stress, Decay, and the Ecology of Eco-Dis-integration 

•    When Everyday Chemicals Hit Home 

•    Do You Have Environmental Illness? 

•    What is Environmental Medicine? (Do You Need to See a Doctor Who Practices It?) 

•    Do You Have the Symptoms of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? 

•    Do You Have a Methylation Issue that Interferes with Detoxification in Your Body? 

•    Does Your Face Reveal a Toxic Body Burden? 

•    Don’t Pollute Your Body: Pamper it the Eco-Friendly Way! 

•    Clean Beauty vs. Toxic Beauty: Which Do You Choose? 

•    Becoming the Darling of Eco-Friendly Beauty 

•    Make-It-Yourself Skin Care and Health Care Products 

•    Do the Ingredients in Your Pit Stick or Pit Spray Stink? 

•    Is Your Laundry Soap Sickening You and the Planet? 

•    Do It Yourself Potpourris for Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

•    Is Your Body Clean Enough to Conceive a Baby? 

•    Oh Baby! 

•    Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Investigating the Dark Side of Waste Disposal – 

•    Climbing Out from Under Your Junk Mail Pile! 

•    Imagining a Way to Redesign the Systems That Produce Our Food, Health, and Lifestyle Products 

•    Creating an Activist Strategy for Living Green That is Fun and Sexy 

•    Is Green Business Using Mother Earth as a Branding Opportunity? 

•    Creating a Sustainable Economy Hand in Hand with a Sustainable World 

•    Eco-Business Innovation: The Cure for Fatalistic Thinking 




•    Fires and Fevers: Agents of Detoxification 

•    How You Can Use Nature’s Foundational, Life-Sustaining Elements to Detoxify Your Body 

•    Are You (and Other Living Things) Eating the World’s Most Toxic Weed Killer? 

•    Is Glyphosate Eroding Your Family’s Health? 

•    Where Have All the Honeybees Gone, and Will We Ever Get Them Back?  

•    Legislating for a Less Toxic Food Supply 

•    The Wisdom of Compost 

•    Sunup, Sundown, Is There a Farmer in Town? 

•    Garden Grub, Garden Club 

•    Do You Have the Guts to Live Well in Today’s Eco-Challenged Times? 

•    Can the Bugs in Your Gut Determine How Fat or Skinny You Are? 

•    Are Parasites Zapping Your Life Energy? 

•    Why is a Whole Generation Affected by Autism? 

•    Is an Autistic Diagnosis Ever a Gift? 


Become aware of the foundational life-giving elements that serve to keep life alive within your amazing human ecology system as well as the Earth's amazing ecology system. Discover how you can exchange positive energy with the Earth through clean, green, living.   


Be inspired to create a more eco-sustainable mindset and lifestyle. 


Use  your understanding about eco-sustainable living to encourage eco-sustainable awareness in others whose health and well-being you care about.  


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