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Discover how your body and the Earth benefit from wellness care vs. sick care, and explore the gifts that Nature’s pharmacy provides for your health.  provides you with.   


Have you noticed that American's are one of the sickest nations on the Earth with the highest amount of medical expenses? Are you aware that the corporations which produce fast food for the masses in the U.S. have stolen not only your healthy dietary instincts, but the instincts of those living in other countries, who were once accustomed to consuming traditional whole foods? Have you been trained to think that when you get sick, a pill or a surgical procedure will fix what ails you? In this course module you will learn about how the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles supports our sick care system, a profit driven system in which doctors are given incentives to over-prescribe drugs, instead of focus on preventative health care options. You will gain valuable insights about how you can improve your health care by asking our doctors questions that are pertinent to your personal needs. You will also explore the path of self-healing, a path that encourages you to understand and nurture the needs of your whole being. In this process,  you will explore ways to elevate your energy and consciousness, using high vibrational foods and energized water. You'll also come away with awareness about how to enhance your vitality using light, color, sound, and other wellness/healing modalities.   


Consider whether we take health care for granted in America. and get real about what our role is in making other nations around the world sick.    


Learn the difference between “sick care” versus “wellness” care, including the impact these two different approaches to medical care have on our health and our medical expenses. 


Weigh in on the drawbacks of doctors putting band aids on our health problems, versus addressing their root causes. 


Learn how we can improve our health care by asking our doctors questions that are pertinent to our health needs and that help them to assess our health needs correctly and avoid making mistakes. 


Address the over-prescribing of drugs by allopathic doctors, which are known to cause injuries and deaths, and learn about the problems inherent in a medical system where illness as a profit-driven industry. 


Explore the connection between psychotropic drug use and patterns of violence in today’s youth. 


Evaluate the safety and efficacy of vaccines, which are known to pose health risks, and weigh in on the role that big pharma and big tech play in mandating them. 


Explore what it means to become a self-healer and become familiar with alternative forms of health care that support us in creating holistic health.    


Define what the term “disease” means and consider the factors in our lives that cause it to manifest in our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Ponder the ways that we can invite more ease into our lives. 


Learn about tools that measure our human bio-frequency, as well as the bio-frequency of foods and other substances that lower or raise our bio-frequency. 


Discover how raising our bio-frequency also serves to raise our consciousness.  Explore energetic forms of healing that raise our bio-frequency and our consciousness



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