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Honor and celebrate your place within the great web of life, and share your gifts in the form of service to all.


Are you aware that all the imperfect circumstances in our world, and upon our Earth today, are actually perfect for your learning, self-development, and spiritual growth? Do you realize that your soul chose to come to the Earth at this time in it's long history, to foster humanity's growth and evolution? Do you believe that you can have a profound impact on the Earth, as well as people and living things when you choose to view life through a lens of love versus fear? Would you like to learn about how world religions are caring for creation? Are you open to practicing radical prayer, which is a response to life in which you live each moment with the awareness that all your positive and loving thoughts, feelings, and actions can have a profound impact on all? Are you ready to do more "inner-work" to become an Eco-Mentor who feels ready to shine your light on the world? In this course module, you will be shown a way to become conscious of the events that surrounded your conception, birth, and emergence in the world. You will learn about the connection between your birth trauma (something we all experience)  and how it may be impacting your emergence as an Eco-Mentor. You will also be guided to rewrite your birth story!   


Discover what it means to return to love, the state of being in which all things are possible—especially the healing and restoration of yourself and the Earth. 


Recognize what a gift it is to be an integral part of the beautiful life web—a web that shares its unique viewpoint of life with you, and, in so doing, demonstrates a way for you to live in balance and harmony with all. 


Discover that, in a universe in which everything is designed by the Creator to function as ONE, you are not simply connected to the creator of life. You are an integral part of the Creator. 


Use your creativity to be a co-creator with God. Infuse your everyday actions in the world with the spirit of God to create saner, healthier, more compassionate living conditions for all people and all living things. 


Explore religion and the ways in which the world’s faith traditions view the environmental crisis and their responsibility toward the Earth. 


Rewrite your birth story using the themes of acceptance, forgiveness, love, and gratitude, to avoid passing on a legacy of pain to the generations that may be destined to follow you. 




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