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Stoke Your Passion for Eco-Spiritual Living and Mentoring! 




•    I Am a Spiritual Being 

•    Experiencing a Sacred Partnership with the Earth 

•    Do You Organize Your Faith around a Spirit Within? 

•    Where, In the Universe, Does God Reside? 

•    Is God a Female? (Seeing the Feminine Face of God in Your Life) 

•    What Does It Mean to Pray for a Better World? 

•    Religions of the World, Caring for Creation 

•    When Is Water Wasted: Why Do Religious Organizations Spout Off Over the Privatization of Water? 

•    From MTV to Vision Videos: Using Images and Story to Inspire a More Spiritual World 

•    Making Life Fuller When It Seems Half Empty 

•    Atoms, Molecules, and Our Eco-Integration 

•    Lifting Your Consciousness to Allow for Everyday 




•    Rebirthing Yourself: Healing the Stress of Birth That Stressful Times on Earth May Reactivate 

•    Where Do You Look, To See the Face of God? 

•    A New Heaven, a New Earth 

•    I Am Powerful: Who I Am and What I Do Makes a Difference 

•    Seeing Life on Earth Through a Pair of Rose-Colored Glasses! 

•    A Duty to Spread Good News: Responsible Journalism in Irresponsible Times 

•    Experiencing Unlimited Health and Wholeness: 101 Perspectives 

•    What Will Your Legacy Be? 

•    Shining a Light on the Future through Eco-Mentorship Opportunities  

•    Making Each Day a Holy Day by Walking in Beauty 

•    The World Isn’t Perfect, Or Is It? 

•    Seeing Your Beauty, Perfection, and Wholeness in the Mirror of Life 


Become aware of how the imperfect circumstances on the Earth today are perfect for your learning, growth, and evolution.  Cultivate your spirituality and your faith in a better future. Explore the ways you can use your gifts in service to your family, humanity, and the planet. 


Be inspired to create a more eco-spiritual mindset and lifestyle. 


Use your understanding about eco-spiritual living to encourage eco-spiritual awareness in others whose health and well-being you care about. 






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