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Hello! In this package, I introduce you to my Tabletop TUTORS™, which are colorful, text-rich infographics that support you in learning about and teaching others whose health you care deeply about, to adopt a cleaner, greener, more eco-intelligent lifestyle. I encourage you to print and download the graphics. They make great table placemats when laminated. You can also tattoo your refrigerator door with them. The graphics offer to be a stellar alternative to full-length books. Those with attention deficit issues and time restraints will find their illustrated content easy to digest.


Tabletop TUTORS™ (Sample Topics Featured on Graphics)


* Parent Support: Explore the holistic approach for addressing autism. Learn about the different faces of autism and the positive traits linked with it. Discover the connection between the autistic brain and a highly intelligent mammal. Teach others what not to say to you about your child. Help your child to get grounded.


*Autism Triggers: Explore the role that toxins play in creating autism, including dirty genes, environmental toxins, pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals (vaccines), mold, wi-fi, and EMFs. Learn how these toxins and stressors lay a foundation for bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitical infections to thrive. Get a handle on how gut dysbiosis impacts health.


* Environmental Medicine & Drugless Health Care: Understand how functional medicine doctors treat complex health problems, including autism. Explore a time-tested vaccine alternative. Learn how CBD can help kids on the spectrum.


* Clean, Green Lifestyle: Lighten your ecological footprint. Learn why to avoid exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi, and 5G towers. Understand the problems related to your use of toxic personal care products and lifestyle products. Learn why to adopt clean, green lifestyle products.


* Toxic Food Additives: Learn about the health problems that MSG, fake sweeteners, fake fats, and fake colors create within the human ecology system.


* Explore Anti-Nutrients: Learn about plant and animal-based compounds such as lectins, salicylates, phenols, opioids, oxalates, and glutamates, which some children are sensitive to, and would be better off reducing or removing from their diet.


* Food Elimination Diets: Learn why to reduce and/or phase out foods from your child's diet such as processed sugar, genetically engineered dairy products, processed vegetable oils, processed soy products, wheat (think glyphosate), and gluten-containing products.


* Whole Foods Nutrition: Meet the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model. Learn about the wide variety of both plant and animal foods (mentioned in the eating model) that it promotes. Discover how fruits, vegetables, select pseudo-grains, nuts, seeds, certain oils, and organically raised animal foods can enhance your child's health.


* Custom Diets: Explore GAP’s diet, as well as the Paleo diet and the Vegetarian diet. Discover the value of eating in balance with the seasons. Learn about the physical reasons for picky eating and mental and spiritual reasons.


* Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Create a peaceful, decluttered, autism-friendly kitchen. Learn how to replace non-toxic cookware with healthy, eco-conscious cookware. Empower yourself in your kitchen; adopt an archetype to support your efforts. Create therapeutic color meals.


Praise for Candi’s Tabletop TUTORS™


"Candia's Tabletop TUTORS address important personal and planetary health issues. And we need them, now more than ever, to shift the educational paradigm! Our regulatory agencies are run by leaders from the industries they are supposed to regulate, so they are not able to act without bias to protect the health of our families! We need independent scientific organizations, and independent thinkers and leaders like Candia, to reset the path we are on.” -- Angela Tsiang, Parent, Homeschool Educator, Wireless Educator, Chemical and Bioengineer




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