In My 'Gourmet Grains' Cookbook Package (Delivered to your Computer), You Get:


  • My 'Gourmet Grains' cookbook in PDF format. (Segmented sections include my Grains Recipes, My Pantry of Splendor, and my Grain Preparation Tips.)

  • Click to watch My 'Cookbook Chat' Video. I speak from my backyard, about the various chapters within my recipe book, including the life events that inspired the creation of my recipes.    

  • My 'Deep Dish' Self-Interview/Booklet. I share insights about the value of using ingredients that are healthy for our bodies and the Earth, as well as my experiences with creative cooking and nutritional healing.   

  • Click to Watch 'Candia's Kitchen' /Cooking Videos. I demonstrate 20 recipes to get you started making delicious 4-season grain entrees!

  • 8 infographcis/table-talk placemats from my Tabletop TUTORS™ collection. These include:
  1. Turning Cooking Into an Effort of the Soul
  2. Choosing Eco-Friendly Cookware
  3. Eating with the Seasons - A Way to Stay Balanced
  4. Vegetable Oils, The Unappetizing Truth
  5. Butter for Your Bones, Your Brain, and Your Gut
  6. Where Do the Fruits and Vegetables You Eat Come From
  7. Why To Eat Salt
  8. Ten Eco-Reasons to Eat One Vegetarian Meal A Week  


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