This is a self-guided cooking class that is delivered to your computer after you purchase it. Please allow several minutes for the download. You will get a zip folder that contains the following:


My Book: Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way!' (Offered in PDF format, with segmented, easy to access, easy to digest chapters)   


My book, which I was guided to write using an intuitive and fun self-interview process, shares with you, the journey that led me to write and publish three bestselling cookbooks. My journey, you will discover, began during my teenage years when I was dealing with the symptoms of environmental illness and seeking a way to "get well." When I discovered that I could use food as a form of medicine to heal my body (and the earth), my culinary creations turned into a vibrant collection of delicious eco-gourmet recipes. The act of cooking, I discovered, offered to be an effort of my soul, versus a mundane chore, when I made a conscious effort to enter into a healthy and loving relationship with food, nature, my body, my kitchen, and my cooking tools.  


Candia's Kitchen/ Cooking Videos (12 hours of Cooking Instruction) 

Join me in my kitchen as I whip up healthy recipes featuring nature's finest whole foods. Learn how to make nut milks, smoothies, and gourmet grain main dishes.  


Tabletop TUTORS Culinary Infographics

My colorful and informative infographics make it easy and fun, to cook (and nourish your health) "the eco-intelligent way." Print them, and attach them (with a magnet) to your refrigerator, or use them as dining table place mats.    



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