In this training toolkit (which is delivered to your computer in the form of a download folder that contains PDF's) you'll recieve my book "Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way!'" along with access to 12 hours of food making videos. The book has been segmented for you into easy to refercne/read chapetrs, and the recipes are just "a click away."  You will also get a variety of colroful, text-rich infographics that will make it easy and fun for you to adopt an eco-intelligent cooking and eating philosopy. 


My book, which I was guided to write using an intuitive self-interview process, shares with you, the journey that led me to write and publish three bestselling cookbooks.


My journey, you will discover, began during my teenage years when I was dealing with the symptoms of environmental illness, and seeking a way to "get well." 


When I discovered that I could use food as a form of medicine to heal my body (and use organic agriculture as a form of medicine for the earth), my creativity in the kitchen blossomed into a vibrant collection of delicious eco-gourmet recipes.


The act of cooking, I discovered, offered to be an effort of my soul, versus a mundane chore, when I made a conscious effort to enter into a healthy and loving relationship with food and the natural world, as well as my body, my kitchen, my cooking utensils, and my cooking process!


Would you like to walk with me on my journey of healing, discovery, and self-empowerment, and draw upon my insights and culinary inspirations, to become a more empowered cook and eco-enlightened eater?  


I sincerely hope so, because, the deeper meaning that I encourage you to find in “meal-making” offers to be a gift to yourself, the planet, and others, whose health and well-being you truly care about!


My individual cooking courses are 20 dolars each, so this package offers big savings and extra bonuses!   


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