In this training, I offer you my book, 'Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way!' along with an appetizing recipe sampler that includes over 12 hours of cooking instruction on video.


My book, which I was guided to write using an intuitive self-interview process, shares with you, the journey that led me to write and publish three bestselling cookbooks.


My journey, you will discover, began during my teenage years when I was dealing with the symptoms of environmental illness, and seeking a way to "get well." 


When I discovered that I could use food as a form of medicine to heal my body (and use organic agriculture as a form of medicine for the earth), my creativity in the kitchen blossomed into a vibrant collection of delicious eco-gourmet recipes.


The act of cooking, I discovered, offered to be an effort of my soul, versus a mundane chore, when I made a conscious effort to enter into a healthy and loving relationship with food and the natural world, --as well as my body, my kitchen, my cooking utensils, and my cooking process!


Would you like to walk with me on my journey of healing, discovery, and self-empowerment, and draw upon my insights and culinary inspirations, to become a more empowered cook and eco-enlightened eater?  


I sincerely hope so, because, the deeper meaning that I encourage you to find in “meal-making” offers to be a gift to yourself, the planet, and others, whose health and well-being you truly care about!


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