This educational tool is delivered to your computer in PDF download format. Look for a folder titled: Eco-Bites Game+ Booklet+ Audio. Please allow several minutes for the download.


Eco-Bites Food Treasure Hunt Game© offers to be a fun and engaging activity for individuals, families, and groups. No, it's not an app, but who cares?! Once in a while, it's fun to interact with a hands-on activity, and engage with friends and family members in the process! 


The game provides you with 2 Game Questionnaires.


* The first questionnaire is a Search Mission. You'll read clues about processed, toxic foods whose industrial production is harmful to your body's ecology system, and the earth's ecology system, and you'll match them to pictures of those foods.  

* The second questionnaire is a Rescue Mission. You'll read clues about foods whose organic production is healthy and restorative to your body's ecology system, and the earth's ecology system, and you'll match them to pictures of those foods. 

This package includes the following: 

  1. Eco Bites Food Treasure Hunt Game Clues Sheets 

  2. Eco Bites Game Answer Sheet


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