This is a self-guided, mentor supported training, and training tool kit, that is delivered to your computer after you purchase it. Please allow several minutes for the download. You will get a zip folder titled: Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate Training. This folder contains several main folders. Inside of the main folders, you will find sub-folders that contain all of the training tools, including audios, video links, and PDF documents.


Our Industrial Agricultural System Is Putting Our Health in Harm's Way!  


Are you aware that our industrial agriculture system is contributing to planetary problems such as deforestation, topsoil erosion, water polluton, land shortages, GMO pollution, animal abuse, species extinction, and global warming? Do you subscribe to the idea that when the earth gets sick, humans also get sick, because we are an integral part of the earth's eco-system? Are you ready to learn about (and teach others about) the importance of farming green and eating clean? If you answered "YES", I trust that you are going to enjoy what you learn in this training, about how you can use your everyday food choices to nourish holistic wellness in your body and the earth!


Exploring The Tools This Training Provides:  


My Podcast Series: Eco-Intelligent Eating  

  • Why I created the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model.  

  • Why health experts say the USDA Eating Model is flawed and misleading.

  • The reailties about organic farming, and why to support the organic movement.  

  • Which organic foods to buy, and which to avoid.  

  • Health benefits of the 12 food groups featured in my eating model. 

  • Meal-making inspiration for the whole family!

  • Personal stories from my journey as a self-healer, nutrition educator, and mom-mentor.     


My Curriculum/ Book: Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way Integrating Our Personal & Planetary Need for Sustenance


This book, offered in a segmented, illustrated format, gives you a deep understanding about the destructive impact of industrial farming on the health of people, plants, animals, eco-systems, and all living things, as well as the restorative impact of organic farming on the health of people, plants, animals, eco-systems, and all living things.

Eco-Intelligent Farming & Eating Model (6 Infogrpahics) 

These graphics illustrate for you, the difference between eco-negligent farming and eating — which creates personal, social, and environmental health problems, and eco-intelligent farming and eating — which restores life and fosters personal, social, and environmental restoration.     


6 USDA Eating Model Learning/Teaching Scripts

You'll learn about the farming system that the USDA Eating Model stands behind, which is not sustainable (for our earth) and not healthy for use humans. You'll have the opportunity to explore the drawbacks of eating the industrially produced versions of the foods that are featured on this eating model. You'll come away with an understanding about why industrially produced foods do not meet an eco-intelligent farming/eating criteria.  


12 Eco-Intelligent Eating Model Learning/Teaching Scripts

You'll learn about the farming system that the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model stands behind, which is sustainable, and is healthier for humans. You'll come away with an understanding about why organically produced foods DO meet an eco-intelligent eating criteria. You'll have the opportunity to explore the Earth’s traditional whole foods, including their legend, lore, and geographical origins, as well as their benefits to the environment. You'll also explore how they can be used in recipes to support your health.      

'Candia's Kitchen' Video Series (10 hours of Instruction; 50 videos) 

I'll show you how to make some healthy and delicious recipes (using whole food ingredients) and share valuable health and cooking tips with you!  


30 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-Graphics

Topics on the infographics include:  'Eating with the Seasons', 'How to Turn Cooking into an Effort of the Soul', 'The Yin & Yang of Healthful Eating', and many many others!  These will appeal to eco-advocates, as well as vegetarian and paleo diners.   


Organic Info-Hand-Outs

Use these (at home, or at events) to summarize the realities and myths surrounding organic food production and organic food.

A Special Report: 'The Vegetarian Perspective'

Learn about the 12 original food groups that preceded the Basic 4 food groups. Gain awareness about how the meat and dairy industries created ed. campaigns to promote their products, creating a lack of awareness in our schools about the value of plant-based nutrition.  


Top Green Colleges

Explore the growing number of colleges in the U.S. which have established green initiatives (including organic food projects) on their campuses.  


Graduation Certificate

Choose from 3 beautiful designs! Honor your accomplishment, when you graduate from this training. Option: Correspond with me through email during the course, and speak with me on the phone, prior to completing the course.


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