This offer (delivered to your computer in the form of a downloadbale zip folder) features my book, along with several ed. bonuses. I have segmented the book for you into easy to reference/ read chapters.  


Are you a parent, educator, or caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum? Are you seeking insight about the relationship between autism and toxic exposures? Do you want to explore a drugless way to improve (and even heal) the symptoms of autism?  In my book, "Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box", you will find both inspiration, as well as practical, hands on tools that will empower you to fosters holistic health and well-being in the autism affected children in your care, as well as yourself and family!      

The book is split into 4 parts and they are:

  1. Intro- Author's Story (is autism a form of environmental illness?) 

  2. All about Autism (types, toxins and Autism, inspiration for living well)  

  3. 250 Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that nourish holistic well-being  

  4. Resource Guide (Dozens of resources to support you and your child!) 

The set also includes 3 Ed. Posters that cover the following:

  1. What is Autism & Autism Spectrum? (Piecing the Puzzle Together)

  2. Eating to Defeat Autism & Autism Spectrum

  3. I Am a Face, on the Autism Spectrum: (I'm a Person Who Was Born to Awaken and Heal Humanity!)  

There are also 3 Bonuses that complete the bundled packet.


2 Articles: Autism & Our Evolution 

Vaccine Accountability form (for doctors to read and sign)     



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