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It’s Time to Transform What We Believe is Possible for Our Children!

Are you a parent who is seeking treatment options for your child that go beyond the use of drugs and behavioral therapy to nurture their sense of holistic health and well-being? Are you a teacher or coach who would welcome a fresh perspective for viewing youth on the spectrum as they really are, --unique and important people who are serving as catalysts for humanity’s growth? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’ve come to the right book!


· Learn about how our autistic relationship with the natural world has contributed to autism spectrum conditions in our children.

· Develop an understanding of the causes of environmental illness, which (this book asserts) autism-related conditions are a form of.

· Reawaken your (and your child’s) eco-intelligence, the innate intelligence you were born with, that guides you to live in harmony with the natural world.

· Discover why society’s view of autism is outdated: Your child’s health challenges are real, but their potential is extraordinary!

· Determine where your child’s strengths and talents lie and envision how you can help them reach their highest potential.

· Ponder ways to shift out of a fear mindset and into one of love, where anything is possible when you actively guide your child’s therapy and education.

· Learn about autism types, sub-types, and misdiagnosed types, as well as the positive traits that youth on the spectrum are known to possess.

· Gain an understanding of how EMFs, GMOs, pesticides, and heavy metals trigger ASD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and other chronic illnesses.

· Get insights about infections and medical toxins’ role in creating inflammatory brain/gut health issues.

· Learn why to avoid antibiotics and keep your child healthy with medicinal herbs, homeopathy, and nutritional aids.

· Gain a well-rounded understanding of the kinds of whole foods to feed (or not feed) your child that will nourish his or her body/mind ecology system.

· Cont’d

· Awaken resilience in your child by encouraging them to adopt mindful lifestyle practices such as grounding, nature therapy, yoga, meditation, and guided imagery.

· Make an acquaintance with bio-medical and bio-energetic tools that serve to alleviate tension and stress in your child’s body as well as your own.

· Explore the benefits of reflexology, acupressure, and chiropractic vagal therapy.

· Foster your child’s emotional balance using flower essences, essential oils, light and color therapy, EFT (neuro-clearing), wearable technology, art therapy, and sound therapy.

· Discover how soul retrieval can identify lost parts of you and your child, and how prayer can work miracles in your lives.

· Gain immediate access to top environmental medicine doctors, autism specialists, coaching services, and amazing autism lifestyle education tools!


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