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Crossword puzzles are the most popular and enduring word games in the world. This one gives you an easy way for you and your family to learn about the destructive impact of GMO food production on the health of your human ecology system and the earth's ecology system.


Here's what you will get in this package:

The Farm Alarm Activity 

  1. A blank crossword puzzle form 

  2. A game clues form 

  3. A puzzle answers form

  4. Hand-outs featuring the names of food brands to consider boycotting 

  5. Colorful, text-rich infographics from my Tabletop TUTORS collection. Learn about, and teach others about, eco-conscious farming principles such as seed saving, bee preservation, composting, and glyphosate dangers. Explore the ways in which conventional meats, fish, dairy products, eggs, fruits and vegetables, are produced, and why to choose organic.  

  6. Eco-Intelligent Eating Model & Eco-Intelligent Eating Philosophy Infographics.     



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