This is a self-guided, mentor supported training, and training tool kit, that is delivered to your computer after you purchase it. Please allow several minutes for the download. You will get a zip folder that contains several main folders. Inside of the main folders, you will find sub-folders that contain all of the training tools, including audios, video links, and PDF documents.


Are you a person who experiences OCD, anxiety, or depression? Or, do you know and care about someone who does? In the U.S. alone, between 3-4 million people are reported to have OCD.  But this is far from the actual number of people affected by it!  Depression and anxiety are also affecting an unprecedented number of children, teenagers, and adults, causing untold levels of suffering and costing billions of dollars in health care. Unfortunately, the drugs that are often used to treat these conditions don't really address their root cause!


This course zeroes in on the role that toxins, infections, hormone imbalances, radiation, unhealthy diet, and gut bacteria imbalances play in creating the symptoms of OCD, as well as other mental health conditions. You'll discover how to create a clean, green, lifestyle that protects and nourishes the body as a whole, so that the brain has a chance to function in the way that nature intended. You'll also gain awareness about why your efforts to 'heal' mental health conditions offer to be a more rewarding that your efforts to 'cure' it.  The content offered in this course is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or qualified health care practitioner. However, the information it provides can be shared with your doctor.


Educational Tools that are featured in this training include:   

  • 2 Books (Segmented chapters, offer easy reference and absorption)

  • Learn about my journey with depression and anxiety, as well as my son's.  

  • Explore the role that a toxic lifestyle plays in creating different types of mental health conditions.

  • Learn about how organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, super foods, and other healing agents from nature’s pharmacy, support neurological health and mental well-being.   

  • My 3 Mini- Videos- 1) "What is OCD and OCSD?", 2) "What in the World Causes OCD?" and 3) "12 Radical Self-Care Tips for Managing and Healing the Symptoms of OCD." 

  • My 4 Pt. Podcast- My son and I retrace the origins of OCD in his young life, and talk about the importance of healthy food and lifestyle habits that are helping him to tame brain and gut inflammation.    

  • Ask the Experts- Doctors and researchers weigh in on the toxins that trigger mental health issues. Includes a Vaccine checklist for your doctor to sign off on, and a  "Drug-Free Prescription for Optimal Brain Health" to explore with a health care professional.     

  • My Eco-Health Quiz helps you to determine your body’s burden of toxicity and identify chemicals in your home and workplace that have the potential to trigger (or exacerbate) mental health issues.  

  • My 60+ Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics give you an easy way to educate yourself (and others) about brain health, gut health, eco-intelligent nutrition, recipes, natural medicine, healthy home, clean laundry and personal care, and MORE!   


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