This is a self-guided, mentor supported training, and training tool kit, that is delivered to your computer after you purcahse it. Allow several minutes for the download. 


Are you a person who experiences OCD, anxiety, or depression? Or, do you know and care about someone who does?


In the U.S. alone, between 3-4 million people are reported to have OCD.  But this is far from the actual number of people affected by it!  Depression and anxiety are also affecting an unprecedented number of children, teenagers, and adults-, causing untold levels of suffering and costing billions of dollars in health care. Unfortunately, the drugs that are often used to treat these conditions don't really address their root cause!


Is it possible that Mother Nature has the answers for treating these conditions? Is it possible that, by returning to more nature-centered way of life, all humans can experience a greater sense of mental and emotional well-being? I certainly think so!"  


This course zeroes in on the role that toxins, infections, hormone imbalances, radiation, unhealthy diet, and gut bacteria imbalances play in creating the symptoms of OCD, as well as anxiety, depression, and other expressions of mental health stress.


You'll discover how to create a clean, green lifestyle that protects and nourishes the body as a whole, so that the brain has a chance to function in the way that nature intended. You'll also gain awareness about why your efforts to 'heal' a mental health condition offer to be a more rewarding in the long run, than your efforts to 'cure' it.  


In my course, I invite you to learn about my journey as the parent of a young child affected by OCD, who has since become a mature, high functioning adult.  I'll also tell you about my own experience with depression and anxiety, which I have learned to manage with my healthy lifestyle habits. The content offered in this course is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or qualified health care practitioner. However, the information it provides can be shared with your doctor.    


Educational Tools that are featured in this training include:   


  • My 2 books (segmented in the course for easy reference and absorption) give you a way to explore the role that a toxic lifestyle plays in creating many different mental health conditions, including mental fatigue, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, depression, and mood disorders, etc. You'll learn about the fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, super foods, and other healing agents (from nature’s pharmacy) that support neurological health.  

  • My 3 mini- videos present 1) "What is OCD and OCSD?", 2) "What in the World Causes OCD?" and 3) "12 Radical Self-Care Tips for Managing and Healing the Symptoms of OCD." 

  • My 4 part- podcast series features a conversation between me and my son, one in which I share with him, the discoveries I've made about the underlying causes of OCD and anxiety in his life. You'll see how I am guiding him to use his diet and lifestyle to nourish his mental and emotional well-being, and create a less symptomatic life.

  • My Ask the Experts Reports provide valuable information from doctors and researchers about the kinds of things (mentioned in my podcast) that hurt our health and lead to the development of physical and mental health issues.  Includes Vaccine Checklist (to hold your doctor accountable) as well as my son’s “Drug-Free Prescription for Optimal Brain Health."    

  • My Eco-Health Quiz helps you to determine your body’s burden of toxicity and identify chemicals (which are considered toxic forms of estrogen) in your home and workplace that are reported to exacerbate mental health issues.  

  • My 60+ Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics give you an easy and fun way to educate yourself (and others dealing with mental health concerns) about how mental health can be improved through the adoption of a clean, green, non-toxic lifestyle.  (Topics include parent challenges, brain health, gut health, eco-intelligent nutrition, recipes, natural medicine, healthy home, clean laundry and personal care, and hidden gifts, etc.)  


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