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 Bring Back the Earth's Lost Wisdom for Living Well! (Meet Your Eco-Mentoring Training Tools)    


Deep concern about the future of humanity and life on the Earth is rising in all of us, and we are standing on the threshold of change. Will we continue to wound ourselves and the Earth, by living unconscious of our ecological needs? Or will we begin to explore the ways that we can use our lives and our lifestyles to create personal health and planetary restoration? Our planetary health and our personal health are inextricably linked. If the Earth is unwell, we, too, are unwell. If we are unwell, the Earth is also unwell. Healing ourselves and the Earth requires us to "bring back" nature's wisdom for living well on the Earth. When we invest our energy into taking care of the Earth, it will take care of us! When we invest our energy into taking care of ourselves, we will have the energy to take care of the Earth. In this introduction to my Eco-Mentor Activist Training, you will  have the opportunity to "sample taste"  the Menu of activities in the curriculum, which are designed to support you in creating an eco-intelligent lifestyle and identifying the interests and talents you possess that will prepare you to become an Eco-Mentor for yourself, your family, your friends, and your community.  


NOTE: This is the companion to my Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training. 

As a whole, the trainings are presented to you as an EDUCATIONAL MEAL. 


The Activist Training (which can be shared with family members) includes:  


Appetizers for Whole Living & Learning  for Whole Living & Learning (Included here) 

Intro to Training Tools (Overview of the Main Dishes and Side Dishes) Included here) 

Main Dishes for Whole Living & Learning  (Proceed from here, to the 6 Courses including: Eco-Conscious Living, Eco-Relational Living, Eco-Sustainable Living, Eco-Nutritional Living, Eco-Medicinal Living, and Eco-Spiritual Living) 

Side Dishes for Whole Living & Learning (Proceed from here, to the 6 Courses to get access) 


Appetizers- Stimulate your hunger for learning by exploring the value of “a living legacy.”  Discover what a legacy means to adults and young people. Consider my invitation to participate in the “Bring Back the Earth!” Eco-Learning Legacy, which invites you to become an Eco-Mentor Activist!  Unearth the symbolism I have found in “bringing back the earth!” 


Intro to Eco-Mentor Activist Training Tools; Get a sense of how the training tools are used together and how they are designed to support you in creating an eco-intelligent lifestyle and becoming an Eco-Mentor. 


Sample Taste Main Dishes Activities Menu: Make an acquaintance with My 12 (two-part) Discovery & Empowerment Dialogues (Read an overview of the topics covered in the Dialogues) which you will use to guide you on my six-step pathway to eco-intelligent learning and living. Get familiar with the 12 Discovery Missions that are sandwiched between the Dialogues to enrich your learning experience.   


Take the next steps to join me on the learning journey! Create a lifestyle that is rooted in awareness about what it means to live: 1) eco-conscious, 2) eco-relational, 3) eco-sustainable, 4) eco-nutritional, 5) eco-medicinal, and 6) eco-spiritual. Awakens and nourish your body, mind, heart and soul! Experience your sense of place, purpose, and belonging in the world!   


The length of the entire course is approximately 36 hours. The intro featured on this page is 1-2 hours.   


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