This is a self-guided, mentor-supported training (and training tool kit) that is delivered to your computer after you purchase it. Please allow several minutes for the download! You should get a zip file titled: Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Training. The zip file contains folders that are labeled 0, 1, 1X, 2, 2X, 3, 4, 5, 6. Within each folder, you'll get access to sub-folders that contain all of the educational tools that support learning, including audios, video links, and PDF files.    


Are you the parent or caregiver of a high functioning child, teenager, or young adult that is experiencing challenges related to autism spectrum conditions, or related challenges such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and learning challenges? Do you want to understand how your child's over-exposure to toxins, processed foods, prescription drugs, Wi-Fi radiation, and mold, might be playing a role in the development of these conditions? Would you like to learn how you can use whole foods nutrition, drugless medicine, and other holistic healing modalities to support your child's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as a whole? If you answered "YES", I trust that you will find many helpful support tools in my training toolkit!   


Educational Tools Featured in this Training Include: 


My Book/Audio: Parenting Our Special Needs Youth the Eco-Intelligent Way -The booklet and audio serves as an intro to the training. I share with you, my personal journey with environmental illness, which I have since come to believe autism is a form of. I also share the path I have walked while raising a child (with a subset of autism), who has since become a mature high functioning adult. I use my stories to help you become keenly aware of why I believe it's essential in the 21st century, to shift our ways of living and learning, if we want a better quality of life for our children and ourselves.      

10 Educational Videos + 3 Bonus Audios 

1) Welcome to the Training

2) What's an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor? 

3) Introducing My Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Toolkit 

4) My Story: Why I've Chosen to Serve the Autism Community

5) Clues about How Environmental Illness Developed In My Body (and Possibly Your Child's Body, Too?) 

6) Prenatal Drugs Pose Autism Health Risks

7) Let's Not Ignore Vaccine Risks 

8) Gut Health & Neuro-Immunity 

9) Dietary Detoxification Is Key to Your Child's Well-Being

10) Choosing an Autism Friendly Diet 

11) Meal Making with Meaning (Audio) 

12) Unsuspected Toxins: Mold & Radiation Sickness (Audio)     

13) The Rewards vs. the Challenges of Raising a Child on (or near) the Spectrum (Audio)          


My Autism Resource Book: Eco-Intelligent Autism Remedies That Think Outside the Box!

  • Contemplate the ways in which autism is serving as a spiritual "wake-up call" for all of humanity.
  • Gain an understanding about how autism, as well as OCD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD are often the result of nutritionally anemic (and toxic) diets, pharma drug overuse, hidden infections, and bacterial imbalances in the gut.  
  • Explore 250 "eco-intelligent" holistically oriented remedies that serve to nurture wellness in your child's body, mind, heart, and soul as a whole.    
  • Learn about the work of Functional Medicine doctors, parent support experts, and organizations that are ready to help you on your Autism healing journey. 
  • Note: The chapters in the book are segmented into individual learning modules, for easy reference, reading, and/or printing.   


Book Bonus: Illustrated Eco-Mentoring Scripts (For use with Teens and Young Adults): Our children know, deep down in their souls, that a shift in consciousness is necessary if we are going to "help life go" on for their generation and the next. That is what they came to teach us. They want us to show them that we understand this, and that we are here to meet their changing needs. My scripts can help in this process. They invite discussion about autism and the higher purpose they are serving. They also cultivate awareness about the remedies that are featured in my autism book, which can support them in feeling more healthy and grounded on their earth journeys. Note: My scripts are illustrated, and can be used independently by avid readers and visual learners.   


120 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics -These colorful, text-rich info-graphics (which offer to double as dining table place mats or refrigerator "tattoos") give you an easy and effective way to learn (and teach) about the value and necessity of creating a clean, green lifestyle, that supports personal health and planetary well-being. 


Autism Friendly, Family Friendly Recipes- 200+ Healing Meals (Print Docs + Colorful Recipe Graphics for Frig Door + Links to Food Making Videos)    


4-Part Podcast and Book: Healing OCD The Eco-Intelligent Way- Listen in on an intimate conversation between me and my son, as we trace the manifestation of his OCD symptoms. Discover how we've been using whole foods and nutritional aids to support his wellness.    


15 Learning Supplements

(Professionals Weigh In on autism triggers)

* Glyphosate

* Heavy Metals

* Vaccines 

* Mold

* Vaccine Checklist and Accountability Form for Doctors 

* My Quiz: Are Toxins Robbing Your Health Blind? 

* My Top Ten Organic Food Shopping Hacks

And More!  


Community Bonuses are Offered by email:  

Environmental Health Tips (Home, Bedroom; Build Self-Esteem)  

Helpful Behavioral Support (Home & School)   

Sound Therapy (Free the Mind & Nourish the Spirit) 

& Much More! 


Graduation Certificate - This course includes a beautiful certificate of accomplishment that illustrates with words and images, the journey of an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor. © Suitable for framing.  


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