This is a self-guided, mentor supported training, and training tool kit, that is delivered to your computer after you purcahse it. Allow several minutes for the download. AN UPDATED VERSION OF THE TRAINING WILL BE AVAILABLE FEB. 1st. 2021.


Are you concerned about the welfare of young people who are affected by conditions such as autism spectrum, OCD, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders?


Are you the parent or caregiver of a high functioning child, teenager, or young adult that is experiencing any of these challenges, and do you want to understand the role that environmental toxins, processed foods, prescription drugs, and radiation play in creating these conditions?


Are you ready to learn about how whole foods nutrition, drug-less medicine, and other natural healing modalities can support your child (and you) in feeling more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced?


This training (featuring over 315 hands-on ed. tools), offers an eco-conscious, holistic perspective on the possibilities for managing and healing the symptoms of Autism and ASD. It encourages actions that guide parents and caregivers of children with Autism to create non-toxic lifestyles, prepare whole foods nutrition, and explore alternative therapies that take into account the needs of the whole person. 


Educational Tolls featured in this training include: 


My Book: Parenting Our Special Needs Youth the Eco-Intelligent Way -I share with you, the events in my life which led me to develop an interest in the field of mental and emotional health.            


My Book: Eco-Intelligent Autism Remedies That Think Outside the Box!

  • Contemplate the ways in which autism is serving as a spiritual "wake-up call" for all of humanity.
  • Explore 250 "eco-intelligent" remedies for managing, improving and healing the symptoms of autism.
  • Gain an understanding about how illnesses stem largely from nutrition deficient diets, pharmacuetical drug overuse, eco-toxins, hidden infections, and bacterial imbalances in the gut.  
  • Gain access to dozens of doctors, authors, autism educators, and organizations that support drugless autism health care.
  • Note: The chapters in the book are segmented for easy refercne/reading.   


Book Bonus: Illustrated Eco-Mentoring Scripts: Teaching young adults about sveral of the remedies that are featured in my book) is a way to support them in feeling grounded and encouraging them to wake up to their own role in evolving humanity’s consciousness. The problems that our youth are experiencing are leading us to find the solutions that will “help life go on” for their generation and the next! The scripts can be used indedendently by avid readers and learners.  


65 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics -These colorful, text-rich info-graphics (which offer to double as dining table place mats) give you an easy and effective way to learn about (and teach others about) the value and necessity of creating a clean, green lifestyle that supports personal health as well as planetary well-being. 


4-Part Podcast and Book: Healing OCD The Eco-Intelligent Way- Listen in" on an intimate conversation between me and my son, as we trace the manifestation of his OCD symptoms. Discover how we've been using whole foods and nutritional aids to support his wellness.    


Also included: 

15 Learning Supplements (Professionals Weihgh In)   

100 Healing Meals  (Print Docs & Recipe Graphics, + 20 Videos) 

Environmental Health Tips (Home, Bedroom; Build Self-esteem)  

Helpful Behavioral Support (Home & School)   

Sound Therapy (Free the MInd & Nourish the Spirit) 


Graduation Certificate - This course includes a beautiful certificate of accomplishment that illustrates with words and images, the journey of an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor. © Suitable for framing.  


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