In this offer (which is delivered to your computer in the form of a download folder with PDF documents inside) features my book "Nourish Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being the Eco-Intelligent Way" I have segmented the book into  easy to reference/read chapters.  I have also included the audio version of "my story" and "my parenting story", which appear at the beginning of the book. 


My stoires are deeply personal accounts of my journey to understand the orrigins of neurological health ills affecting me and my family, and use my background in holistic health care and nutrition to manage and heal their symptoms.             

You will learn about the environmental toxins that funcational medicine doctors are linking to the development of brain health imbalances such as anxiety, depression, O.C.D., ADD., mood swings, learning challenges, and memory issues!. 


Because brain imbalances often originate in the gut, you'll also learn about the kinds of foods you must avoid in order to heal the gut-brain connection.


You'll meet the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model and discover the kinds of nutritious whole foods and super foods that have the power to detoxify, regenerate, and heal your internal organ systmem as a whole, including your brain.


Medicinal herbs and spices and additional nutritional aids and supplments are offered, as an alternative to drugs.  




What Does It Mean, To ‘Nourish’ Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being the Eco-Intelligent Way? 


Exploring the Ecological Origins of Our Global Mental Health Crisis


Why I Wrote This Book

(Our Health and the Earth's Health are Inextrciably LInked!)   


My Personal Story


My Parenting Story  




Exploring the Symptoms of Brain Toxicity and Malnourishment      


OCD and Anxiety  

(What Does It Feel Like to Experience It?)


ADHD and Learning Challenges  

(Know Anyone Who’s Affected?)


Brain Fog Mental and Mental Fatigue

(A 21st Century Malady?) 


Depression & Mood Disorders

(Why Is Our Global Culture Experiencing Such a Sad State of Mind?) 


Memory Loss

(Could You Possibly Have It?)  





What Do We Do about all of the Toxins That Are Making Our Bodies and Minds Sick?  


What You Eat Is Your ‘Medicine’ or Your ‘Poison’  


Using Whole Foods to Detoxify Your Whole Body     


Meet (and Eat) The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™


(Discover The Amazing Health Benefits in Nature’s Healing Pharmacy)  


Whole Grains:  

Legumes & Sprouts 

Herbs, Spices & Sea Salt 

Nuts, Seeds, & Plant Oils

Fruits & Vegetables

Green Super Foods

Grass Fed Organic Meats

Grass Fed Organic Dairy Products

Fish & Sea Vegetables

Eggs & Plant Based Sweeteners

Pure Water    


Herbal Teas and Immunity Builders Are Your Friends!


Choosing Nutritional Supplements that Balance Brain Health






















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