This Ed. Product is delivered to your computer in the form of a downloadable folder. Please allow several minutes for the folder to download, which is titled: Book_ Nourish Mental & Emotional Well-Being. When you open the folder, you will find my book, which I have segmented into easy to read and digest chapters. The chapters (from the book) titled "My story" and "My parenting story" are offered in AUDIO format. 


My Book "Nourish Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being the Eco-Intelligent Way"


In my book, you will learn about the environmental toxins, drugs, and foods, that doctors who practice functional medicine say, are causing imbalances in the brain and body, and leading to the development of mental and emotional dis-ease conditions such as anxiety, depression, O.C.D., ADD., mood swings, learning challenges, and memory issues!


I have used my book to teach you about the kinds of nutritious whole foods, super foods, and medicinal herbs and spices, that I've discovered and used, for the purpose of detoxifying and nourishing the body/brain system as a whole. 


In my book, ​​​​​I share my journey to understand why I, and some of my family members have been affected by neurological health issues.  You'll learn about how my personal experiences while growing up led me to develop an interest in nutrition and natural healing. And you'll learn how my parenting experiences and my family experiences led me to develop an even deeper interest in using nutrition to nourish (vs. drug) the body and brain that is affected by imbalances.


Note: This book is not a substitite for professional medical care. If mental and emotional issues are disabling, your doctor may determine that drugs are necessary for treating your condition.                  







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