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Here's what you'll get in this course: 


In this course, you will watch 3 videos and study 3 colorful, text-rich infographics which provide insights about OCD and offer valuable lifestyle tips that can help you to manage OCD symptoms. These items highlight the following topics: 1) Do you Have OCD and OCSD? 2) What in the World Causes OCD: Exploring the Risk Factors, and 3) 12 Radical Self Care Tips for Managing & Healing OCD.  In my 4 Pt. audio/book, "Healing OCD The Eco-Intelligent Way- A Mother & Son's Learning Journey", my son and I talk about his experience with OCD as a young boy which resulted from an infection that he suffered, as well as his exposure to a prenatal medical treatment. Together, we explore the importance of using whole foods nutrition and nutritional supplements to help regulate brain neurotransmitters, correct hormone imbalances, and also correct blood sugar imbalances that are known to exacerbate the condition.   


Use the 30 additional infographics which are included in the course to teach yourself and others about 1) Nutrition Solutions, 2) Food Elimination Diets, 3) Hormone Health, 4) Gut Health, 5) Lifestyle Support, and 6) Toxic Environmental Triggers.    


Note: This course is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care.  


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