This offer (delivered to your computer in PDF dwonlaod format) features my book, as well as an excerpt from my book that I have recorded in audio. I have divided the book and audios into easy to reference/ read/listen/ segments.    


Are you a parent, a teacher, educator, or counselor who cares about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of young people?


Are you raising (or influencing the life of) a young person who is experiencing autism spectrum, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, or energetic sensitivities?


Do you feel that psychotropic drugs are not the best treatment for these conditions, and behavior modification therapies address only part of the issue?


Would you welcome the support of a mentor and friend in your life who understands the connection between physical and neurological health issues and toxic exposures?


Are you ready to explore the ways in which a clean, green lifestyle can support you and your child in feeling better and nourishing your innate eco-intelligence?


Do you believe that miracles can happen in your life, and in the world, when you view your concerns through the eyes of curiosity and loving acceptance?


If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are going to appreciate the invitation that this book offers you, to become an Eco-Intelligent Autism Caregiver & Lifestyle Mentor! ©


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