This packet series includes the following: 

Auido + Summary PDF

90 Info-graphics 


Autism Parenting Tips (21 Graphics)


Autism Brain, Dolphin Brain+ Celebrate Faces of Autism+ Autism Takes a Village+ Autism Diet+ Avoid Toxic Fragrance+ Avoid Toxic Pit Spray + Discourage Toxic Clothing +  Ditch Air Fresheners+ Don’t Cook Brain with Cell Phone+ Don’t Crowd Out World with Phone+ Is Your Laundry Soap Sickening? + Earthing for Screen Addicted Kids+ Explore Vaccine Alternative+ Green Wash Laundry+ Handling Eating Issues for Kids on the Spectrum + Help Autism with Cannabis+ Manage Symptoms with Cannabis+ Make Green Cleaning Aids+ Radical Self Care Tips for OCD (Subset of Autism)+ Holistic Health Care vs. Conventional Medicine.          


Autism/ Causes of (7 Graphics)


What is Autism & ASD? (Autism Defined) Are Your Child’s Brain Chemicals Misbehaving? + Does Your Child Have a Methylation Issue? Why Does Medicine Push Vaccines? + Are Heavy Metals Igniting a Fire Inside Your (Child’s) Brain? + Vaccines: In the Wake of Destruction+ What Causes OCD? (A Subset of Autism): Exploring 15 Risk Factors.   


Avoid Inflammatory Foods (15 Graphics)


How Anti-Nutrients Stress Gut and Brain Health+ Drawbacks of Conventional Factory Farmed Milk+ Why Can’t I Eat Dairy? + Should You Rethink Eating Soy? + Is Corn Syrup Hijacking Your (or Childs’) Health? + Why Sugar is Toxic to Your Body Ecology+ Processed Vegetable Oils: The Unappetizing Truth+ Are Excitotoxins Killing Your Brain Cells? + Fake Sweeteners: The Enemy of Your Brain + Are You Eating Toxic Weed Killer? How is Glyphosate Eroding Your Family’s Health? + The Hard Truth about Soft Drinks+ Is Gluten Making You (Your Child) Sick? + Are the Colors in Your Meal Real, or Fake? + Salicylates: Your Child’s Friend of Foe?     


Protect Gut Health (8 Graphics)


How Does Gut Bacteria Affect Your Health? + Do You Suffer from Gut Dysbiosis? + What is Gluten Gut? + Do the Bugs In Your Gut Make You Skinny or Fat? + What Is Leakey Gut? How Can You Heal Leakey Gut? + What is Candida Yeast Syndrome? + Candida Do’s and Don’ts Diet Tips.     


Eco-Intelligent Eating (25 Graphics)


Eat to Defeat Autism Spectrum+ Meet The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model + Good Food, Equals a Better Mood+ Hydrate for Health+ Hunting Down Healthy Fats+ Why to Choose Organic Fruits & Vegetables + Why to Choose Organic Dairy Products + Exploring Raw Milk’s Benefits+  Why To Choose Organic Meats+ Why to Eat Sustainable Fish+ Sea Vegetables+ Green Super Foods+ Eat Amaranth+ Eat Quinoa+ Eat Teff+ Eat Organic Nuts + Eat Organic Seeds+ Savor Nature’s Liquid Sweeteners+ Unearthing Nature’s Sugar Substitutes+ Heal Your Meal with Spices+ Heal Your Meal with Herbs+ Why to Eat (the Right Kind of) Salt+ Coconut Oil for Brain Energy+ Butter for Your Brain and Gut+ Sprout Your Way to Health.   


Wheat and Dairy Free Recipes (13 Graphics)


Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas+ Wheat Free Savory Snacks+ Wheat Free Sweet Snacks+ Wheat Free Sandwich Treats+ 6 Delicious Wheat Free Muffins+ No Bake Treats from Candia’s Kitchen+ Make Homemade Healthy Sodas+ Make Eco-Friendly Popcorn+ How to Prepare Nut Milks in 5 Easy Steps+ Go Nuts: Make Nut Butters! + Making Tasty Nutritious “Cheese” from Fresh Nuts & Seeds+ How to Make Non-Dairy Yogurt from Nuts and Seeds.           



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