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This is Part One of a 4-Part Training. You can participate in any or all parts of the training. All the parts are introduced in the #3 video below. To reduce the size of the original course, I have divided the content into 4 companion courses. In this first part of the training, I offer a broad overview of what I’ve learned about the origins of autism, as well as my own thoughts about the importance of adopting an eco-intelligent lifestyle. 



1) Welcome to the Training 

2) What's an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor? 

3) Introducing My Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Toolkit 

4) My Story: Why I've Chosen to Serve the Autism Community 

5) Clues about How Environmental Illness Developed in My Body (and Possibly Your Child's Body, too?) 

6) Prenatal Drugs Pose Autism Health Risks 

7) Let's Not Ignore Vaccine Risks 

8) Gut Health & Neuro-Immunity 

9) Dietary Detoxification Is Key to Your Child's Well-Being 

10) Choosing an Autism-Friendly Diet (Including: How to Deal with Picky Eaters) 



11) Meal Making with Meaning (Using Food to Elevate Your Child's Health & Consciousness) 

12) Radiation & Mold, Unsuspected Culprits in Autism 

13) The Rewards vs. the Challenges, of Raising a Child On (or near) the Autism Spectrum 


DOCTORS WEIGH IN (15 PDF Learning Supplements) 

Doctors and researchers weigh in on topics such as: 

  • • Screening for Neurological Conditions 
  • • MTHFR Gene 
  • • PANDAS 
  • • Strep & OCD 
  • • The Brain-Gut Connection 
  • • Gut Bacteria and Autism 
  • • Glyphosate Toxin (Impact on Health) 
  • • Heavy Metals (Impact on Brain Health) 
  • • Vaccine Risks 
  • • Vaccine Checklist (For Your Doctor) 
  • • 5G Health Risks Mold and Autism 


Plus, more! I also provide you with a quiz to help you identify toxins in your home and work environment, and I offer you some practical and fun ideas for making organic foods more affordable! 

* Eco-Health Quiz: Identifying the Toxins that Are Robbing Your Health Blind 

* Booklet: 10 Ways to Make Organic Food Affordable! 



Thank you for your interest, and I encourage you to explore the other 3 courses, which offer you, your family, and/or clients, many more educational tools. 

* Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box (250 holistic remedies for autism, plus mentoring scripts.) 

* Autism Made Easier with Tabletop TUTORS™ (Colorful text-rich infographics that make it easy to learn about autism and an autism-friendly lifestyle.) 

* Nourishing Neurodiversity Recipe Bundle (200 taste-pleasing whole foods, low-inflammation recipes.) 


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