Ready to be an Eco-Mentor? 


An Eco-Mentor is a person who is concerned about the many health challenges facing people and the planet today. They have the desire to lighten their ecological footprint, practice heart-centered sustainable living, make eco-conscious lifestyle choices that heal environmental illness in their bodies and the Earth, and support others  in doing the same!


This training provides you with nearly 150 colorful, text-rich info-graphics that support you in learning about and teaching others about eco-intelligent living. 20 Category topics are featured, inviting you to explore many different areas of eco-intelligent living.


Learning Categories Included:  


  1. Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Series)

  2. Eco-Intelligent Eating Model (Series)

  3. Eco-Farming Principles (Series)

  4. Where Food You Eat Come From (Series)

  5. Custom Dietary Choices (Series)

  6. Eco Cookware & Culinary Inspiration (Series)

  7. Essential Health Awareness (Series)

  8. Food & Mood (Series)

  9. Sweeteners - Whole & UnWhole (Series)

  10. Fats - Healthy & Unhealthy (Series)

  11. Whole Foods Recipes (Series)

  12. Special Dietary Needs - Autism, Candida, & Leaky Gut (Series)

  13. Wheat & Gluten Free Eating & Recipes (Series)

  14. Dairy & Soy Free Eating & Recipes (Series)

  15. Nourishing Male & Female Hormone Health (Series) 

  16. Eco-Conscious Moms & Dads To-Be (Series) 

  17. Drugless, Holistic Health Care (Series)

  18. Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly House Cleaning (Series)

  19. Non-Toxic Laundry & Eco-Friendly Clothing (Series)

  20. Eco-Friendly Beauty & Non-Toxic Personal Care (Series)


Note: An introductory audio accompanies each set of info-graphics to whet your appetite for learning. Each set also includes quizzes that will assist you in mastering your understanding of the various eco-topics, and exploring their relevance in your own personal life! 



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