Ready to be an Eco-Mentor? 


Are you a person who is concerned about the health challenges affecting people and the planet? Do you have the desire to lighten your ecological footprint, practice heart-centered sustainable living, and make eco-conscious lifestyle choices that heal environmental illness in your body and the earth? Do you have the desire to support others in doing the same? 


This training toolkit (delivered to your computer in a zip file) provides you with nearly 150 colorful, text-rich info-graphics that support you in learning about and teaching others about eco-intelligent living.


20 Learning Categories are featured, inviting you to explore many different areas of eco-intelligent living!


  1. Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Series)

  2. Eco-Intelligent Eating Model (Series)

  3. Eco-Farming Principles (Series)

  4. Where Food You Eat Come From (Series)

  5. Custom Dietary Choices (Series)

  6. Eco Cookware & Culinary Inspiration (Series)

  7. Essential Health Awareness (Series)

  8. Food & Mood (Series)

  9. Sweeteners - Whole & UnWhole (Series)

  10. Fats - Healthy & Unhealthy (Series)

  11. Whole Foods Recipes (Series)

  12. Special Dietary Needs - Autism, Candida, & Leaky Gut (Series)

  13. Wheat & Gluten Free Eating & Recipes (Series)

  14. Dairy & Soy Free Eating & Recipes (Series)

  15. Nourishing Male & Female Hormone Health (Series) 

  16. Eco-Conscious Moms & Dads To-Be (Series) 

  17. Drugless, Holistic Health Care (Series)

  18. Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly House Cleaning (Series)

  19. Non-Toxic Laundry & Eco-Friendly Clothing (Series)

  20. Eco-Friendly Beauty & Non-Toxic Personal Care (Series)


An introductory audio accompanies each set of info-graphics to whet your appetite for learning. Each set also includes quizzes that will assist you in mastering your understanding of the various eco-topics, and exploring their relevance in your own personal life! 


NOTE: Give this product several minutes to download. The main zip file contains 20+ folders within it, that identify each category of topics! Within each of the category folders, you'll find several infographics.     



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