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May 31, 2017


Ever planted a front yard garden with seeds that produce food? 


Why would you want to plant a food garden in your own front yard, you might be asking yourself? Well, truth be told, told, big green lawns are a large waste of usable topsoil, time, and resources. It’s tempting, when you have a big green yard, to do what everyone else is conditioned to do, which is mow it (noise pollution), spray weed killers on it (toxic for people and animals), water it (what's the return?) ) and essentially, fuss about whether or not it will meet the approval of the Joneses.   


For years, my husband has refused to mow our yard, preferring to keep it wild. Once in a while, he uses a hand-held sickle to hack away at some overgrown grass, and it offers to be good exercise. We never put weed killers on our lawn, knowing that they permeate the air and soil with toxic poisons, not to mention our lungs. And, so, our lawn in not perfectly manicured.


When one of our elitist neighbors walked by our house last year and suggested we cut down our buckthorn, we could not help but smile and raise our eyebrows. She was the one person in our area that is always spraying something toxic on her yard, mowing her yard every three days, and meticulously planting flowers that make her yard look like a something out of a magazine showcasing English Garden estates. (What I might have said to her, had I not chosen to hold my tongue that day, was: Your yard is very attractive, lady, --but it pollutes the air we breathe, and I sincerely hope you don’t get sick from your repeated exposure to those toxins you’re touching and breathing!)