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Everything about food, from the process of growing it, selecting it and preparing it, as well as the beliefs you hold about it offers to be a teacher. Is food your friend, your enemy, or something else?

Your view of food and nourishment offers to teach you something valuable about the kind of relationship you are having with yourself, the natural world, your kitchen, and so much more.

The current mainstream approach to food and the prevention of chronic disease, you might agree, is falling short. What is needed is a profound shift in how we see food and ourselves, one that includes all that we are from a holistic view. My approach to food preparation and nourishment that provides that view.

Food, in my view, offers to be a catalyst for personal and planetary transformation. Our kitchens offer to serve as a backdrop in which we can practice living more connected to the things that feed our bodies and nourish our souls, including the natural world (where food comes from) and our kitchens (the places where we transform basic ingredients into life giving forms of energy and pleasure.)

While some people that I know view their kitchen as a place to meet unwanted appointments with their pots and pans, I view it as a sanctuary where I can escape the noise and haste of daily life, and turn the act of food reparation into an effort of the soul.

Food is a brilliant teacher that offers to guide us towards becoming the most whole, integrated version of ourselves. We can use food to integrate the needs of our body, mind, emotions and spirits, as a whole. We can use food to protect and sustain the life of the plants, animals, and living things that are part of a food’s production cycle.

Everything about the world we live in is shifting. We can see it in the destruction of our environment, and the rising incidence of health problems such as environmental illness and Autism.

These problems are asking us to shift. They are asking us to be more conscious about how we feed and nourish ourselves, and how we use our lives and our diets, to sustain the life of our planet.

Are you ready, able, and willing, to form a relationship with food, --and all things related to nourishment, including Mother Earth, that becomes a reflection of who you are as a whole person? If so, this is where true healing and a commitment to your evolution begins!

If you're seeking culinary inspiration, here's a fun, inexpensive little book I wrote titled: Eating the Eco-Enlightened Way.

It's under 5 bucks, and it's a "deep-dish" conversation that I have with myself, about my relationship with food, my kitchen, my body, and Mother Nature.

It also shares some delicious secrets about nutrition, food preparation, and health, and it's a great entree to my 3 video cooking classes online, which are featured on my website in downloadable format!

Here, again, is your link to my 'lil' book!

Candia Lea Cole

Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

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