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"Do you want to learn about eco-intelligent living and inspire others to do the same? My Tabletop TUTORS collection of poster/placemats offer to give you and your family many of the insights you need, to create a greener lifestyle, a healthier, organic foods diet, and a personal health care practice that is focused on prevention, versus symptom management with drugs." — Candia Lea Cole 

Never before in our history on planet Earth has it been more apparent that our ecological well-being is being threatened by our modern way of life. Over 50% of America's children are reported to be dealing with major health issues (think Autism and environmental illness) due to nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxicity, and prescription drug misuse. In the elderly population, dementia is on the rise. And who can deny that the Earth itself is sick, due to industrial practices such as deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, overfishing, and much more.    

95% of the world's scientists, believe that climate change is real. Not only is it real, it's downright scary! So what do we do, as individuals? I believe that EDUCATION is critical to resolving this problem and moving in a new and better direction. We need to learn about the issues affecting our health and the planet's, so we can begin to make better choices. We, as consumers, have more power to effect change than we might think. We BECOME the driving force behind change, when we live as  everyday "sustainability leaders!"   

How can you use Tabletop TUTORS™    

Tabletop TUTORS™ offer to be a great alternative to full length books, which many people are too darn busy to read. The colorful info-graphics and text boxes they feature, can be absorbed in small, easily digested chunks, which makes them super useful for those with learning challenges and short attention spans!  

  • Dining table placemats: They make great "conversation starters" where people gather to eat and discuss personal and global health concerns. 

  • Refrigerator door art: They remind you to choose foods and eating/culinary habits that integrate your personal needs with the Earth's needs.  

  • Home school teaching tools: They give your family a fun and engaging way to learn about the vital importance of adopting eco-conscious lifestyle habits and nurturing family values.   

  • Wellness aids for waiting rooms: They reinforce the preventative health care practices that eco-conscious wellness centers, Autism centers, dental offices, nutrition clinics, and beauty salons subscribe to.     

  • Campaign tools for schools and colleges: They advance the mission of eco-sustainable leadership through eco-intelligent lifestyle practices.  

  • Consumer References: They can be used by grocery stores, whole foods coops, and cafes, to support the purchase of what is being sold.     

  • Social organizations campaign tools: They can be used in ed. campaigns to create a culture that is responsive to true and lasting change.

Note: If you would like to purchase my entire collection of 125 posters versus the individual sets that are featured on this page, please go to the page of my website titled "Eco-Mentoring with Tabletop TUTORS(Find this training in the drop down menu in the TRAININGS section of the navigation bar on my home page.) 

"Tabletop TUTORS are a valuable learning tool to help parents, educators, and children of all ages, explore vitally important health issues affecting our bodies and the Earth. I look forward to sharing the content on my podcasts and making them available to listeners on my website."  Jen Mendez, Founder of PERMIE KIDs

"Candia, the language that you feature on the posters has just the right appeal, to inspire awareness about organic farming, eating, and living. Love the posters!"  Rose Welch, Co-Founder of Organic Consumer’s Association 

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