The word "eco", you might be interested to know, comes from the Greek word "oikos", which means "house". If you can envision your body and the Earth as a symbolic "house", you might also relate to the idea that "what lives within it" governs the strength or weakness of its foundation. The strength of its foundation is a function of personal and planetary interdependence. It's a function of people exchanging positive energy with the Earth, and the Earth exchanging positive energy with people. 

As humans, we can exchange positive energy with the Earth by being consumers of foods that are produced using organic methods, ones that work with nature, vs. against it, and which serve to sustain the life of soil, plants, insects, animals and ecosystems. The Earth, in turn, can exchange

positive energy with us, by providing our bodies with health giving

foods that support the aliveness of not only our bodies, but our minds,

emotions, and spirits. In a nutshell, eating the "eco-intelligent way" 

is about eating to nourish the self as a whole, and eating to sustain

the natural world as a whole. For people and the Earth to

experience optimal wholeness, ALL of the parts which define

our ecological wholeness must be fed and nourished.

Are you conscious of how your food choices are 'feeding' or

'starving' your personal ecology and the planetary ecology

you are an integral part of? On this website, I encourage

you to find the answer to this question, in the many

educational materials and services that I offer!

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