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Have you begun to question how humanity’s allegiance to the status quo has contributed to environmental illness in people and the planet? Do you want to transcend the social conditioning imposed on you, and redirect your energy towards creating a cleaner, greener, more holistically nourishing lifestyle? Are you concerned that

there are not enough leaders in our world today who care about doing “the right thing”

to support the health of people and the planet? 


Do you feel that women possess the inner resources (such as empathy, compassion,

cooperation, and endurance) that can assist men in bringing balance back to our world?

As life all around you continues at breakneck speed, are you drawn to the idea of

slowing down, stepping up, and contributing to a new and better reality? Can you

feel a sense of untapped power and potential somewhere deep inside of you that

you’ve been reluctant to tap into?  


Today more than ever, the world needs courageous women and men (younger and older

alike) who are willing to explore their limitless power to heal themselves and the planet.

You may ask yourself the questions: “Why me?” or “What can I do?" The most important

thing you can do to heal the planet is to heal yourself. Are you ready?


If so, this book introduces you to a mentor who, because she has walked the path of eco-intelligent living, learning, healing, and mentoring, will inspire you to do the same! Birthing the consciousness that supports us in healing ourselves and the earth isn’t easy, but it’s what the human heart longs for!   


CONTENTS OF THIS BOOK (aka Educational Meal) INCLUDE: 


Planning the Ed. Meal 

Explore what eco-intelligence is and why it’s important to reawaken yours. Discover the reasons why every home and community needs an Eco-Mentor. Identify the desires, qualities, and aspirations that an Eco-Mentor possesses.   


Choosing the Ingredients 

Learn what environmental illness is, and what triggers it. (You are not immune!) Discover how my experience with environmental illness, as well as my experience as whole foods cook, and event caterer, prepared me to create my 21st-century Eco-Lifestyle Education paradigm and curriculum. Learn about the six ingredients of eco-intelligent living.


Setting the Table

Discover why to foster home-based learning experiences that stand behind “principle-based” education. Learn about why schools aren’t nourishing the eco-intelligence of today’s youth. Get in touch with the drawbacks of technology, educational software, and wireless tech in the classroom.


Whet your appetite for learning, with an understanding of how a modern-day “rite of passage” offers to support your family’s growth and transformation.



Stimulate your hunger for learning by exploring the value of “a living legacy.”  Accept my invitation to participate in the “Bring Back the Earth!” Eco-Learning Legacy, which invites you to become an Eco-Mentor Activist!  Unearth the symbolism in “bringing back the earth!”


Main Dishes

Sample taste (review a menu of) my 12 (two-part) Discovery & Empowerment Dialogues. The Dialogues (offered in the Eco-Mentor Activist Training course online) along with 12 Discovery Missions, will support you in knowing why and how to create a lifestyle that nurtures (what is) 1) eco-conscious, 2) eco-relational, 3) eco-sustainable, 4) eco-nutritional, 5) eco-medicinal, and 6) eco-spiritual. 


Side Dishes

Sample taste (review a menu of) 175 amazing, fun, eye-opening Self-Empowerment Activities that offer to support you in identifying your interests, talents, and skills in the different areas of eco-intelligent living that support you in becoming the Eco-Mentor Activist you were born to be! (The actual activities are included in Eco-Mentor Activist Training course online.) 


Explore the extracurricular activities that I will offer you (“think Youtube”) to sweeten the educational experience. Let the flavors of eco-intelligent living linger in your life. Celebrate the joy of participating in and sharing a collective eco-education legacy with your family!   ​

Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence Book Cover Final (1).jpeg

 If you are interested in obtaining this book in Kindle format, softcover, or hardcover formats, please visit Amazon Books. Click the link here to go directly to the page where the book is offered:

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