A Little About Me & The Ed. Tools I've Developed for YOU!

Hello friend,

Welcome to my website. My name is Candia Lea Cole, and I'm known in my field as "The Consciousness Raising Cook" and "The Soulful Eco-Lifestyle Mentor." I create educational tools that support people of all ages in learning about and teaching others about how to live (and eat) in an eco-intelligent way. 


Eating the eco-intelligent way is about eating to nourish the health of your body and sustain the life of the Earth. Living the eco-intelligent way, is about making everyday lifestyle choices that serve to integrate your personal health needs with the health needs of the Earth and all living things.     

Since my childhood, I've dealt with the symptoms of environmental illness, which originated from my exposure to chemicals inside of my mother's womb, as well as inherited genetic defects which made it difficult for me to process and detoxify toxins (think processed foods, prescription drugs, and toxic lifestyle products, As a teenager dealing with a complex health mystery that no doctors understood, I embarked on a self healing journey, which led to me to unearth the connection between illness in my body, and illness in the earth's terrestrial body. 

Today I invite you to join me in exploring the fertile outgrowth of my healing journey — one in which I discovered the joy of clean eating and green living, and I learned how to cultivate a healthy and loving relationship with my body, mind, and spirit, as well as the greater whole of life. 


My growth and health transformation is symbolized on the pages of this website by a bountiful "garden" of educational tools — all of which have blossomed out of the rich compost that my most valuable life lessons provided me with.   



Here’s a "Sample Taste" of My Garden Harvest:

Tabletop TUTORS™ A collection of 140+ colorful, text-rich info-graphics that highlight a broad variety of eco-lifestyle topics. The posters (which double as dining table place mats) support you in learning about, and teaching others about, eco-conscious living, eating, farming, and natural health care. A fabulous learning tool that's used by home schools, colleges, organic cafés, spas, salons, day care centers, chiropractor offices, wellness practitioner clinics, eco-conscious dental offices, schools, and green corporate cultures.

Farm Alarm Game  An eye-opening crossword puzzle activity (with mini booklet) that teaches the environmental health hazards related to producing genetically engineered foods, as well as the hazards of eating them. This is a great little crash course for parents, home school teens, and young adults alike!

Eco-Bites© Treasure Hunt Game  A fun game activity in which you use a set of clues, to identify the difference between industrially raised foods and organically raised foods, and learn about the impact they have, on the health of your body, the Earth, and all living things. This activity was a hit with a group of teens and young adults that I once entertained at a corporate green event.

Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way A 21st century nutrition curriculum that is grounded in an approach to eating that is "eco-intelligent." You'll learn about the stark contrast between food that is raised in an ethical, humane, and eco-conscious way, and food that is raised in ways that harm the health of people, the Earth, and all living things. I offer this book as part of my Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate Training. 

3 Whole Foods Cookbooks


My three whole foods cookbooks feature delicious, nature inspired recipes that vegetarians and whole food lovers alike will enjoy preparing and eating! My nut milk beverages are gourmet, smooth-sipping taste sensations. My dairy-free smoothies offer a rainbow of health benefits that serve to detoxify and nourish your body. My gourmet grain dishes are mouthwatering four-season dishes that give you a reason to eat less meat. Those of you who are interested in eco-friendly cooking, clean eating, and environmentally friendly foods, will find much to like! 

Eco-Enlightened Eating -This book gives you inspiration for cooking and eating the "eco-intelligent way." It features my self-inner-view process, which allows me to "dig deep" into my mind, heart, and soul, to find answers about why I cook, how I relate to my body, my ingredients (nature) and my sacred role in the kitchen.  

Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism that Think Outside the Box — A hands-on resource guide for parents and caregivers of young people dealing with Autism spectrum conditions. The book introduces drug less remedies for these conditions that nurture physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

The Bring Back The Earth! Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training- A beautiful, one-of-a-kind eco-lifestyle curriculum (offered as an online course on my sister website: www.eco-mentor.com). You'll utilize my memoir, my Mentor Guidebook, and my six "Discovery & Empowerment" journals to walk with me on my six-step path to eco-intelligent living and become the healthy, spiritually awake Eco-Mentor I know you were born to be! 

© 2020 Eco Intelligent Eating.

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