"Are You Ready to Eat Clean and Live Green?"  

Hello friend,

Welcome to my website. My name is Candia Lea Cole, and I'm known within the holistic health community as "The Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle Mentor" and the "Eco-Conscious Cook." 


I create educational tools that support individuals, families, and wellness educators in learning about about (and teaching others about) how to nourish wellness in their bodies and the earth.  


My interest in creating educational tools that support clean, green living, is the result of my life-long experience with environmental illness, including the wonderful lessons I've learned on my self-healing journey about the inextricable link between our personal and planetary health.    

In my view, there's not person or living thing walking the face of the earth that isn't dealing with one form or another of environmental illness. The reason I say this is because toxins of all sorts have been bio-accumulating in the environment and in our bodies for many years. They are actually passed down from one generation to the next!  

If you, or someone that you care about, is suffering with health issues, you owe it to your selves to  explore the role that toxins and nutritional deficiencies may be playing in their development.  


Below, I invite you to learn about the plethora of educational tools that I've created for you, your family, and the community you care about!   


Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics - A stunning collection of 250+ colorful, text-rich infographics that highlight the value and necessity of eating clean and creating a clean, green, non-toxic lifestyle that serves to nourish holistic health and wellness in your body and the earth! 20 category topics make learning easy, fun, and engaging for lay people and professionals alike! 

Farm Alarm Game — An eye-opening crossword puzzle activity that teaches the environmental health hazards related to producing (and eating) genetically engineered foods. A great "crash course" for teachers, parents, and home schooled youth!

Eco-Bites© Treasure Hunt Game —This fun, hands-on activity tests your family's knowledge about the impact that your everyday food choices have on the health of your body, the earth, and all living things.  

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Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way — A 21st century nutrition curriculum that is grounded in an "eco-intelligent" approach to farming and eating. The book introduces the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model and "farm to table" holistic health philosophy. It makes a case for why we need to reassess The USDA Eating Model's dietary recommendations, which are aligned with corporate interests and biases. You'll learn about the legend and lore of traditional whole foods, along with their health benefits and culinary uses in recipes. This book is is featured in my online training, "Become an Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate."  

3 Whole Foods Cookbooks/Video Cooking Classes- My cookbooks (featured as part of 3 video cooking classes on this site) feature delicious, nature inspired recipes that vegetarians and whole food lovers alike will enjoy preparing and eating! My nut milk beverages are gourmet, smooth-sipping taste sensations. My dairy-free smoothies offer a rainbow of health benefits that serve to detoxify and nourish your body. My gourmet grain dishes are mouthwatering four-season dishes that give you a reason to eat less meat. 

Eco-Enlightened Eating In this booklet, I interview myself about what inspired me to create each of my three cookbooks. The "self-inner-view" offers a delicious way to find out what I am thinking about why I cook, and how I relate to nature, my ingredients, my culinary tools, my body, and my role in the kitchen.  

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Nourishing Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being The Eco-Intelligent Way - Mother Nature has provided us with a pharmacy of whole foods that we can use to nourish our body/mind system as a whole, and alleviate symptoms that plague the larger culture on earth today, such as of mental fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, ADHD, OCD, behavioral issues and memory issues. This book is is featured in my online training, "Healing OCD, Anxiety, & Depression the Eco-Intelligent Way", and can also be purchased ala carte. 

Parenting Our Special Needs Youth The Eco-Intelligent Way -In today's toxic, frenzied world, there's not a single child alive who doesn't have special needs.  Use my personal story and my parenting story to develop an understanding about why we need to practice eco-intelligent living and learning. This book is offered part of my "Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Training Toolkit", and can also be purchased ala carte.    

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Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box — A resource guide for parents and caregivers of young people who are on (or near) the autism spectrum. You'll learn about the spiritual disconnection that lies at the root of autism, as well as the physical stressors that cause gut and brain imbalances. The book features over 250 holistic health remedies that nourish the body, mind, heart, and soul, of those impacted by autism, as well as other related conditions. This book is offered ala carte or as part of my "Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Training Toolkit", and can also be purchased ala carte.   

Heal Yourself, Heal Mother Earth! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be! 


Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training- Includes my memoir, "Born to Live Green" and my Eco-Mentor Guide Book: "Bring Back the Earth! Nourishing the Eco-Intelligence that Invites Whole Living!"     

Eco-Mentor Activist Training includes my Eco-Mentor Guide Book and six "Discovery and Empowerment Activity Journals. 


If you are interested in this course, please contact me at: candia@eco-mentor.com. It will be avilable on my sister website: www.eco-mentor.com    

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Bringing Heart and Soul to Education- The abovementioned curriculum was highlighted in this book. 11 insightful writers (including myself!) share our beliefs about the need to bring heart and soul to education in the 21st century. This book is available at: https://www.amazon.com/Bringing-Heart-Soul-Education-Approaches-Transformational-ebook/dp/B00YQOQ1TU

Let's do what we can, to manage and heal the symptoms of environmental illness in our bodies and the earth! The time is NOW, and we have the right kind of tools to make a difference!    

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