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"Discover the holistic health remedies that you never dreamed, could help your child to grow into a more whole individual!"

This Training Toolkit Includes: My Book "Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box" (PDF By the chapter) +  6 Tabletop TUTORS Infographics (PDF format) + 3 Community Bonuses (from leaders in the autism Community)  


"In today's world, our children are being bombarded with environmental toxins that are hurting the optimal function of their brains, guts, and immune systems. No wonder they are being diagnosed at an alarming rate with autism spectrum conditions! It's time to stop the madness, and reconnect with nature's wisdom for living well." -- Candia Lea Cole

I wrote my book

"Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box"

for parents and caregivers of high-functioning youth on spectrum, to support them in nurturing their child's health holistically.     

Intro (-My Story)  

I share my journey to becoming an Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle Mentor. You'll learn about the health challenges I experienced as a young teenage woman,  which led me on an empowering self healing journey.  You'll gain an eye-opening understanding about the connection between my health issues and the issues that are affecting young people on the autism spectrum. Like me, you can find a path to improve your child's health when you rely on nature's wisdom.  

Part One 

What Is Autism and ASD?

(What Causes It?)   

The Different Faces of Autism

(Types, Sub-Types, Broader Types, and Misdiagnosed Types) 

Who Does Autism Affect?

(What Triggers Its Development?)

Autism in the 21st Century Brings a Tidal Wave of Toxic Kids

(Exploring the Sources of Toxins that Are Making Our Kids Sick)    

Addressing Society’s Misconceptions about Autism

(When We Change, They Change, and Humanity Changes!)   

Part Two

User's Guide to Remedies


In the categories featured below, you will discover 250 natural and alternative remedies that support holistic health and well-being in those impacted by autism spectrum, as well as conditions such as anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues that often go hand-in-hand with autism. The remedies are intended to serve as catalysts for healing, versus curing, and they are not intended as a replacement for professional medical attention.               

* Home Health Remedies 

* Basic Body Detox Remedies 

* Microbial Cleansing Remedies 

* Food Elimination Remedies 

* Anti Nutrient Awareness Remedies 

* Histamine Allergy Response Remedies 

* Eco-Intelligent Nutrition Remedies

* Picky Eater Remedies 

* Gut Healing Remedies 

* Nutritional Supplement Remedies

* Brain Boosting Super Nutrients Remedies 

* Herbal Medicine Remedies

* Homeopathic Remedies

* Manual Alignment & Energy Meridian Remedies

* Color & Light Therapy Remedies 

* Sound & Vibrational Healing Remedies 

* Essential Oils Remedies 

* Behavioral & Higher Brain Remedies

* Bio-Energetic Remedies 

* Emotional Wellness Remedies

* Energetic, Ancestral & Spiritual Remedies    

Part Three

Resource Guide

I provide the names and contact information for leading educators, doctors, health care practitioners, mentors, and therapists, that are available to assist you on your child's healing journey, as well as your own.  You'll Learn about educational films, organizations, books, cooking classes, lifestyle programs, certification trainings (and more) that support you in creating a clean, green lifestyle that supports personal and planetary well-being. 


* What is Autism & Autism Spectrum?

* I Am a Face, on the Autism Spectrum 

* I’m the Parent of a Special Needs Child

* It Takes a Village to Raise a Child with Autism

* Do People with Autism Communicate Like Dolphins?

Eating to Defeat Autism & Autism Spectrum

* Catalog of Infographics


Plus 3 Community Bonuses 

Vaccine Checklist & Accountability Form for Doctors 2 Feature Articles from Autism Educators    

Praise for this Book from a Parent 

"I'm especially impressed with Candia's highly compassionate and loving approach to parenting an autistic child (or special needs child of any kind) the "eco-intelligent" way. Her book is affirming and empowering. I wish I'd had a copy of her book when my son, who has Asperger's syndrome, was little. It would have been a welcome road map on his journey to adulthood. This volume is far more comprehensive than I would ever have dreamed, and contains many new and intriguing ideas I've never come across before — some that I can't wait to suggest to my son even now that he's nearly grown!" — Anne Michelsen, Parent, Eco Advocate and Green Business Writer  

Praise from a Mental Health Counselor 

Candia's book is the most comprehensive collection of remedies and therapies I've seen to date, that offers to bring acceptance, wisdom, and healing possibilities to those diagnosed with ASD, as well as the related conditions that affect them and their families, such as anxiety and depression. Candia has done an excellent job of bringing to our awareness (and explaining) the wide variety of solutions that are available to us in fields ranging from nutrition, to alternative holistic healing practices that play a vital role in nurturing body-mind-spirit wellness. Jeanette Castelli, M.S. Mental Health Practitioner




 If you are interested in obtaining a printed, soft cover edition of the book, please contact me at:  


A digital version of the book is available on Kindle.


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