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"In today's world we are being bombarded with environmental toxins that are hurting the optimal function of our brains and immune systems. No wonder so many children, teens, and even adults, are being diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions! It's time to stop the madness. It's time to reawaken our innate eco-intelligence, and use it to create a healthy organic lifestyle that nurtures our bodies, minds and souls, as well as our connection to life." - Candia Lea Cole

In my book, "Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box", parents, educators, and caregivers of children with Autism will find an inspirational and practical resource guide that is packed from cover to cover, with "remedies"

that offer to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in children affected by autism spectrum conditions.  

The Book Is Offered in 4 Parts:


I explore the relationship of environmental toxins to Autism, as well as our disconnection from nature, which is causing many great pain, but which is also offering to be a spiritual wake-up call!  Autism, you’ll discover, is helping us to grow a deeper awareness of our needs as whole human beings, and reclaim our feminine wisdom for living well on the planet.        

Part Biography

I explore the signs and symptoms of Autism that were present within my own family when I was growing up, and ask questions about whether Autism is a condition, or simply an example of neurological diversity. I also share my son's journey with OCD (a subset of Autism) and trace the onset of his symptoms to an illness, as well as a vaccine that I was given during my pregnancy.      

Part User's Manual

I offer "eco-intelligent" remedies for Autism spectrum that "think outside the box."  

  • Instead of giving children addictive drugs, I teach you about the importance of feeding your child a clean, organic whole foods diet. Learn about the kinds of foods that cause brain inflammation and the foods that support healing.   

  • Because heavy metals are recognized as a cause of Autism symptoms, I offer many effective detoxification aids, as well as brain balancing herbs and nutrients.  

  • Since many kids with Autism often need grounding, I offer therapies such as Earthing, electronic brain balancing, EFT, art and animal therapy, and much more!

  • If you're a spiritual parent or educator who looks for the "deeper meaning" behind your life's challenges (and the challenges affecting our kids), "Soul Retrieval" is a topic you might be curious to explore! 

Part Resource Guide

I provide the names of the brightest educators within the Autism community, who are training parents how to create a healthier, less stressful home life. I also provide the names of numerous doctors and natural health care practitioners who are healing Autism by correcting imbalances within the brain and gut.  

3 Ed. Posters Are Included with my Book 

  1. What is Autism & Autism Spectrum? (Piecing the Puzzle Together)

  2. Eating to Defeat Autism & Autism Spectrum

  3. I Am a Face, on the Autism Spectrum: (I'm a Person Who Was Born to Awaken and Heal Humanity!)  

3 Community Ed. Tools Complete My Offering 

  1. Two enlightening articles, written by a highly respected Autism educator, who shares her insights about how kids exhibiting the signs of Autism are assisting the planet's evolution.

  2. A pediatrician accountability form, which spells out the toxins that are contained in vaccines, and which asks doctors to sign.   

Note: If you're interested in getting a soft cover edition of the book, please contact me directly at: For the digital version of this book on Kindle, please go here: Updates to the book have been made, since the book was published on Kindle. 

Praise from a Reader


"I'm especially impressed with Candia's highly compassionate and loving approach to parenting an autistic child the "eco-intelligent" way. Her book is affirming and empowering — I'd recommend it to anyone who is blessed with a child on the spectrum, or indeed any high-need child. I wish I'd had a copy of her book when my son, who has Asperger's syndrome, was little. It would have been a welcome road map on his journey to adulthood. This little volume is far more comprehensive than I would ever have dreamed for its size, and contains quite a few intriguing ideas I've never come across before — some that I can't wait to suggest to my son even now that he's nearly grown!" — Anne Michelsen, Parent, Eco Advocate and Green Business Writer  

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