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“In today's toxic, frenzied world, there's not a child, teenager, or young adult that doesn't have 'special needs'! The reason for this is that their most essential need, ---their need to experience wholeness and to be in a healthy relationship with themselves, others, and life, is not being met. Our children are crying out to us, to heal the planet that we have made sick, and help them to heal as well." -- Candia Lea Cole

* Are you a parent, a teacher, an educator, or counselor who cares deepky about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of young people?

* Are you raising a child with autism, or influencing the life and health of a person who is dealing with depression, anxiety, O.C.D., mood disorders, learning challenges, and/or energetic sensitivities?  


* Do you feel that psychotropic drugs are not the best treatment for these conditions, and that  behavior modification therapies address only part of the issue?


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* Would you welcome the support of a friend who has walked in your shoes and who understands the connection between your child's health issues and the physical, mental, and emotional stressors that he or she has encoutnered in life?  


* Are you ready to awaken your innate eco-intelligence and use it to create a clean, green, lifestyle that nourishes wellness in your child's body, and in the earth's terrestrial body?    


*Do you believe wholeheartedly in your child's potential to change, grow, heal, and evolve, as well as your own potential to change, grow, heal and evolve?      

This book is available on Amazon in Kindle Format and Paperback Format.

To purchase, kindly click this link:


Parents:  Regardless of any ‘special’ condition, challenge, or gift your child may have, you will be exposed to ‘tons’ of insights and information you never imagined existed about the relationship between how we live, how our bodies, minds, and souls respond to those conditions, and what you can constructively do about it. Reading Parenting Our ‘Special Needs’ Youth The Eco-Intelligent Way will require an open mind, an open heart, and the focus of an Olympic archer.  If you don’t have all three to start with, you will when you finish reading Candia Cole’s compelling personal story and the volumes of deep wisdom she has acquired through her decades of experience as a self-healer, parent, and eco-lifestyle educator. In my world, we call people like Candia a paradigm shifter because they allow you to see otherwise familiar things in an absolutely new light.  Expect much of it to be unfamiliar and embrace it.  Most unfamiliar things require reflection, interpretation, and further research.  Candia provides you with all three! This is a special book, whose message truly opened and expanded my mind. -Dr. William G. Spady, author and world leader in future-focused education, teaching, and parenting     

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