(This Cookbook Package Includes Recipe Demos on Video, Plus Poster/ Placemats, and More!)

"Whole grains, when prepared in the traditional way (as our ancestors prepared them) offer to be delicious and healthful additions to many diets. They are a great source of fiber, minerals, nutrients, and energy-giving carbs that keep your inner ecology system in good shape. And, by adding them to your diet (instead of making meat the centerpiece of your meals), you can protect the Earth's land, air, and water, and do your part to reduce global climate change, according to United Nations and the University of Chicago." — Candia Lea Cole

Click on the book image for a link to watch a preview of this offering. In case it doesn't open for you, the URL is listed here.

* In my cookbook package, you'll get my book, "Gourmet Grains, Main Dishes Made of Nature", which features a buffet of four-season recipes (96 in total).

* You'll get guidance about how to cook "true grains", such as  brown rice, basmati rice, millet, and spelt, as well as "pseudo-grains", such as amaranth, quinoa, teff, and wild rice, which many grain-sensitive people can tolerate.

* You'll get familiar with the delicious whole food ingredients and condiments that I keep in my pantry, and learn about eco-friendly cookware.   

* You'll have the opportunity to watch my "Cookbook Chat" video (to learn about the content of my book) and hear about my some of my recipe faves. 

* You'll be inspired by my mini book, a self-inner-view in which I "deep dish" about the personal and planetary health benefits of eating whole grains, and share nature's wisdom for eating whole. 

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