Become the Feminine Leader & Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be!

"Are you an Eco-Mentor? An Eco-Mentor is a person who is keenly aware of (and bothered by) the health challenges that are impacting people, the planet, and all living things. They see the wisdom in using our challenges to create a healthier, saner, more compassionate reality, — one that supports us in being in a healthy, loving RELATIONSHIP with ourselves, each other, and the Earth."

— Candia Lea Cole 

Coming soon, I will be offering my Eco-Mentor Leadership Training for Women, ages 18-35. You will LOVE these trainings, if you want to expand your understanding about the relationship between personal health and planetary well-being, and you have an interest in, or you care passionately about, the following things: 

* Honoring Your Authentic Needs (Body/ Mind/ Heart/ Soul)

* Transcending Your Social Conditioning (Releasing Attachment to the Status Quo)

* Living a Life of Simple Abundance (Curbing Spending and Debt)

* Creating Social Justice and Equality for All

* Speaking Compassionately (Practicing Non-Violent Communication)

* Healing the Wounded Feminine and Masculine

* Honoring Nature's Indigenous Wisdom

* Living Sustainability (Being an Eco-Conscious Consumer)

* Addressing climate change; join a nature for climate movement 

* Protecting Land, Air, Water and Species (through Organic, Non-GMO Agriculture)

* Giving Plants and Animals a Voice

* Consuming Whole Foods Nutrition (Using Food as a Form of Medicine) 

* Eating to Raise Personal Your Personal Vibration and Planetary Consciousness

* Taking Greater Responsibility of Your Health Care

* Sourcing Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Medicine

* Protecting Your Health Freedoms

* Cultivating Spiritual Growth through Your Life's Hardships

* Fostering Unity of Consciousness

* Practicing Everyday Leadership (Rooted in the Heartfelt Desire to Make a Difference)

The New Reality that Eco-Mentors Are Here to Create          

  The new reality that Eco-Mentors are here to create, is fostered by a decision, first and foremost, to "stop  

    doing harm" to their bodies and the Earth. Secondly, it is fostered by a readiness to respect and honor

     their innate eco-intelligence. Thirdly, it is fostered by a willingness to nurture the personal and planetary

     relationships that are the foundation of our ecological well-being as a whole.   

Click on the link below, to watch a video about this offering!


People that I Train, To Live as Eco-Mentors

Culturally Creative Eco-Conscious Parents: Do you want to become more eco-literate and participate

in a memorable eco-ed. legacy that gives you (and those you love) tools for living well in today's

eco-challenged times?

Mature Teens and College Students Who Want to Develop Eco-Leadership Skills: Would

you like to discover how eco-leadership is rooted in your everyday self-development?

Do you like the idea of learning how to nurture the inner and outer relationships that

are the key to your personal health and planetary well-being?


Young Women Who Wish to Cultivate Feminine Wisdom: Would you like to awaken

your feminine wisdom for living well (which has been suppressed in our culture) and reclaim

it, in order to live well, and create a culture that is responsive to change?

People affected by Environmental Illness: Do you feel alone and confused about how to get well, and would you welcome love, friendship, support and healing tools on your journey to find answers? I have walked (and am still walking) the path that you’re on, and my story offers to give you deep spiritual insight about the struggle for enlightenment that many of us face, who are destined to be healers and mentors.

  Educators and Mentors: Do you realize that you can't sit out the current educational crisis in our culture, and do you want to meet the changing needs of learners with ed. tools that think outside the box? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the rich wisdom that my trainings share with you!

Click on the link below for an in-depth Introduction to My Eco-Mentor Trainings:


Click on the video link below to learn about why I wrote a memoir that is an

integral part of this training:




Candia's journey of awakening is one that every woman will be inspired by who is committed to her own personal growth work, and who wants to live her passion and purpose on a grander scale as a feminine leader. She has used her personal health challenges as a catalyst for understanding Mother Earth's health challenges, and for nurturing the personal and planetary relationships that lie at the heart of healing. In her books and training, she passes on the deep feminine wisdom she recovered through her own self-healing process, to support others in finding their health, strength, beauty, and life purpose as Eco-Mentors. Thanks Candia Lea, for being a true feminine leader! —Rachael Jayne Groover, Founder of The YIN Project. Author of Powerful and Feminine.

Candia Lea Cole is a woman who found the courage to shift from pain to purpose, speak her truth, and spark a revolution. Candia's memoir, Born to Live Green, as well as her Eco-Mentor guide book, Bring Back the Earth! (and her amazing rainbow-colored collection of workbooks) serve as an invitation to all of us, to know that when we make our personal healing matter, we often find a path to planetary healing and service! Read her books, participate in her feminine eco-leadership training, and you will marvel at how Candia's personal healing journey is now resulting in deep healing for our planet. —Dawn Richerson, Founder, Make Your Healing Matter

“Candia Cole is an angel walking the earth who has been through several challenging health issues in her life, yet shines a light for others that is blinding.  She wrote a chapter for my book, ‘Bringing Heart and Soul to Education’, which introduces her amazing Eco-Mentor Leadership curriculum.  Her curriculum does an excellent job of preparing students for real life in our world today!” -William G. Spady, father of Outcome Based Education and author of numerous books about education   

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