"Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be!"

This Training Toolkit Includes: My Memoir "Born to Live Green" + My Eco-Mentor Guide Book: "Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence -Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be!" + My 6 Discovery & Empowerment Workbook/ Journals + Mentor Support + Graduation Certificate + Resume Endorsement.    

"Are you an Eco-Mentor? An Eco-Mentor is a person who is keenly aware of, and deeply concerned about, the health challenges that are impacting people, the planet, and all living things. They are committed to using these challenges as a catalyst for personal healing and planetary restoration." - Candia Lea Cole 

Coming soon, I will be offering my Eco-Mentor Leadership Training for Women, ages 18-35. You will LOVE my training options if you want to expand your understanding about the relationship between personal health and planetary well-being, and you have an interest in, or you care passionately about, the following things: 

        * Exploring the Origins of Environmental Illness in Your Body & the Earth 

Transcending Your Social Conditioning (Releasing Your Attachment to the Status Quo)

* Understanding & Honoring Your Authentic Needs

* Healing Affluenza; Creating a New Dream for Living Well    

* Practicing Simple Abundance (Curbing Spending and Debt)

* Regrowing Your Broken Bonds with Nature

* Understanding Ecology (The Macro/Micro Interface)   

* Reclaiming Your Feminine Wisdom for Living Well 

* Giving Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems a Voice

* Adopting a Non-Toxic, Eco-Conscious Lifestyle 

* Addressing Climate Change Issues and Your Future   

* Reclaiming Nature's Indigenous Wisdom for Living a Balanced Life  

* Using Organic, Regenerative Farming Methods to Nourish & Heal the Earth 

* Using Whole Foods Nutrition to Nourish & Heal Your Body  

* Raising Your Energetic Vibration & Consciouness 

* Exploring Drugless, Earth-Sourced Medicine

* Practicing 3D Health Care (Body/Mind & Spirit)    

Protecting Your Health Freedoms

Using Your Imperfect Life Circumstances to Cultivate Your Perfect Life Lessons  

* Puttng Hope, Faith, and Prayer into Action

* Discovering the Joy of Serving & Co-Creating the World that You Long to See & Experience  

Practicing Everyday Leadership and Identifying Your Eco-Mentor Skill Sets 

* Revisiting Your Birth & Releasing Your Fears about "Being Born to Be You"  

* Making a Difference in the World (Starting wth your own Home and Family) 


                       The New Reality that Eco-Mentors Are Here to Create          


The new reality that Eco-Mentors are here to create, is fostered by a decision, first and foremost, to

doing harm" to their bodies and the Earth. Secondly, it is fostered by a readiness to respect and honor

their innate eco-intelligence. Thirdly, it is fostered by a willingness to nurture the personal and relationships that are

the foundation of our ecological well-being as a whole.   



(8-12 Week Course) 

This course features my Eco-Mentor Guide Book + my Memoir: "Born to Live Green" + Learner Assessments, in PDF download format.  




(6-12 Month Course)   


This Course features my Eco-Mentor Guide Book + my Six

Discovery & Empowerment Journals in PDF download format.  

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You are here to make a difference, and I know that you will!

If you have the heartfelt desire to explore the path of eco-learning and eco-mentoring with me, please contact me at: The Eco-Mentor Training options featured on this page, will be offered on my sister website: Alternatively, you can order soft cover editions of the companion books and complete the training offline.    


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