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"Celebrate the Vegetarian Diet & Lifestyle"   


"As a young teenager dealing with environmental illness, who was seeking answers about how to “get well”, I came to realize that the food I had been eating was not healthy for my body, because its production was toxic to the earth’s terrestrial body. I made a gradual transition to a plant-based diet and never looked back! Not only did my health improve, I learned that I could use my pots, pans, and eating utensils to protect the health of the planet and all living things, too!” -Candia Lea Cole         

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Meet My Book: Tasting Life The The Vegetarian Way!  

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In my book (offered in segmented chapters), I share my journey with environmental illness, which inspired me to explore the path of vegetarianism. You’ll learn about the vegetarian meals that I taught myself how to prepare, which helped to restore my health and develop a healthy relationship with my body, the earth, my kitchen, and my culinary tools. 

Eye-Opening Info 

You'll also learn about the rich history of vegetarian food ways, and gain some very eye-opening insights about the Original 12 Food Groups and the political influences that narrowed them down to four food groups, in order to support the financial interests of big Agriculture.

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Plant-Based Eating Model

You'll also make an acquaintance with the Vegetarian and Vegan Eating Model, including the food groups it promotes your consumption of. You’ll learn how you can transition to a vegetarian diet in 3 easy steps, and explore whether or not veganism is for you.  

Done for You Correspondence Letters

For those of you who have an interest in talking with groups about the vegetarian lifestyle, I have created two sample correspondence letters that you can send to persons at schools, organizations, and churches (think youth groups) who are in charge of arranging speaking gigs.  

Education and Support Tools

Learn about how health, environmental degradation, hunger, economics, conservation, climate change, religion, and spirituality are driving the interest in plant-based eating. Find the books, information pamphlets, and other tools you'll want to have on hand to be an eco-conscious eating advocate!  

Talking Scripts for Educating Groups about Vegetarianism  

What took me hours to research and prepare, will save you tons of time and energy, when it comes to getting a talk and presentation ready for family members, neighbors, or a group. 

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Plans for a Festive Vegetarian Awareness Day Celebration

If talking with groups isn't your thing, why not simply host an event in your backyard, or your local school, or community center? I'll give you step-by-step guidance for hosting a fun and delicious "Vegetarian Celebration", complete with food/menu ideas and more!   

Tabletop TUTORS Infographics™

If you like the idea of having educational tools at your fingertips that give you a super easy and fun way to learn about (and teach others about) healthy farming, clean eating, and whole foods nutrition, you'll love my hand picked assortment of 60 Tabletop TUTORS.


These colorful, text-rich infographics highlight the value of regenerative farming, seed saving, composting, bee preservation, and permaculture, as well as healthful cooking, culinary empowerment, and clean eating!

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Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ and Food Groups Graphics 

Meet the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ an eating model that supports "the gradual vegetarian" in shifting towards plant based eating. Learn about the importance of eating organically raised, pastured fed animal foods. Discover the health and environmental benefits in vegetarian plant-based foods, including: Traditional Whole Grains + Legumes + Herbs, Spices, and Salt + Nuts, Seeds, and Oils + Fruits & Vegetables + Super Green Foods + Dairy Free Foods, Natural Sweeteners + Pure Water. 

Video-: Talking with Young Kids about Vegetarianism


Watch me talk with young kids about Vegetarianism. 35-40 minutes in length.

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