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To live green is our sacred birthright.

Green symbolizes life, fertility, growth, rebirth,

harmony, and healing.


When Candia Lea Cole missed her high school graduation due to illness, it would not be the first or last time she dealt with a health challenge that invited suffering and confusion into her life. And because allopathic doctors weren’t trained to diagnose or treat her condition, she felt she had no choice but to carve out her own path of self-learning and self-healing. 


What Candia discovered on her path was that her mother’s womb was the place where

her illness originated, and it was exacerbated by the toxins she was exposed to once she

emerged from it, which her body was ill-equipped to detoxify.  Unraveling her health

mystery was a long and intensive process that ultimately led her to know that “getting

well” depended on her ability and willingness to create a clean, green, non-toxic lifestyle.


In the process of creating this lifestyle, Candia developed a deeply intuitive understanding

of the link between her health challenges and the Earth’s. And she recognized the vital

importance of nurturing the relationships that she discovered governed her health,

including her body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as the natural world and all living

things within it. 


Candia realized that the holistic health wisdom that blossomed in her being through the

awakening of her eco-intelligence and through the adoption of knowledge that several

pioneering healthcare practitioners offered her was not meant for her benefit alone. 


It was meant to be shared with humanity at large, in the form of a 21st-century eco-lifestyle curriculum whose inspirational, multi-faceted healing themes, would support the "birth” of the Eco-Mentor within her, as well as those she was destined to serve.   

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This book is featured (in audio and PDF formats) in the Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training Course (aka Eco-Legacy Training) on this website. If you are interested in obtaining this book in Kindle format, softcover, or hardcover formats, please visit Amazon Books. Click the link here to go directly to the page where the books are offered:

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