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"Are You Seeking the Kind of Education that Offers
To Meet your Real-Life Needs in the 21st Century?"      


“For education to meet our needs in the 21st century, it needs to recognize the connection between our planetary ills and our personal ills. We need to develop a new attitude towards caring for life, and a new ethic for living well on the earth. We need to reawaken our innate eco-intelligence!" Candia Lea Cole

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My Mission

To reawaken your innate eco-intelligence — the intelligence guides you to know your special place and function within the great web of life, and make choices that serve to protect and sustain life within your body and the earth.   

To educate you about "eco-intelligent" food choices, as well as lifestyle chocies and health care choices, that serve to integrate your personal health needs with the planet's health needs. 

To provide you with affordable education that offers to meet your real-life needs in today's world and supports you in becoming an Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle Mentor. 



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