(Eco-Learning Legacies)

“As an eco-visionary, I picture a time on Earth when all people are mindful of their birth appointed roles as eco-stewards. As eco-stewards, they find health and joy in creating lifestyles that honor the needs of their bodies, minds, and spirits as whole, and they find comfort in respecting the Earth’s needs as a whole.”  Candia Lea Cole

My Personal Vision & Company Mission

It is to inspire you (and all of humanity) to reawaken your innate eco-intelligence — the intelligence that you were born with, that guides you to live in ecological balance and harmony with all living things. 

It is to provide you (and all of humanity) with inspiring educational tools that support you in creating "eco-intelligent" lifestyles, -ones that serve to integrate your personal health needs with the Earth's health needs. 

It is to give you (and all of humanity) an opportunity to participate in a culturally creative educational movement that supports true and lasting change on Earth in the 21st century. 

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