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"Let's get your family members on the right dietary track...
the track to better health and a better future on Planet Earth!"   


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Do you have teenage kids or college aged students in your home that you'd like to guide towards eating in a more eco-intelligent way? Do you want them to know about the downside of GMO's and pesticides in the food supply? Do you want to steer them away from unhealthy snack foods? Have you been told by a doctor that your child should avoid products made with sugar, soy, wheat, and dairy products? Has it become a chore for you to try and come up with satisfying food alternatives? If so, I will put on "my cape" (actually, my apron...) and do my best to help you! 

-Candia Lea Cole       



Your health history

Your goals & objectives

Your & your kids' relationship w/ food

Your daily eating habits

Your relationship with your kitchen

Your current culinary experience/


Your kitchen setup/


Your current food and food product choices

Have you been diagnosed with environmental illness?

Do you have specific health objectives?

Friend, enemy, or?

How do you view cooking?

A peek in the pantry, fridge and freezer.


Intake Session

My consultations take place in the comfort of your own home. In this 1hour session, I make it my mission to understand your teenager's dietary needs. Within a week of our first meeting, we'll do a follow up session that will include the following: 



Follow-Up Session 1 

Pantry Rehab — Thousands of new food products are introduced to us each year and our kids are victims of advertising propaganda. Let's go through your pantry and toss out what's not healthy, so we can make room for what is. 


Cookware Consult — What kind of pots, pans, and cooking utensils do you and your kids use? I will share information with you about eco-friendly cooking utensils and cookware.


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Follow-Up Session 2 (Options) 

Meal Ideas for You — I will suggest meal ideas that can help you to meet your (child's) personal dietary health needs. Will also provide you with recipe infographics that speak to your child's unique needs.


Private Chef Services — I will help link you up with the appropriate chef who can cook for you daily, weekly, or monthly.

Video Cooking Class —I will arrange with you to provide cooking classes for your child in my home. I will pay for the food and donate my teaching time, if I can retain the right to use/sell the videos in my educational packages.    

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