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"Nourish & Detox Your Body, Elevate Your Energy
& Brighten Your Energetic Aura!"


This Cookbook Training Toolkit Includes: My Cookbook Chat (Video) + My "Deep-Dish" Self-Inner-view (Mini-Book) My Super Smoothies Cookbook (PDF Color Coded Recipe Segments) + 14 Recipe Demos (Video Format) + 8 Tabletop TUTORS Infographics.   

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"There are many toxins in our environment today which create a "body burden." And if our diets don't include lots of fruits and vegetables, those toxins build up in our inner ecology system and rob our energy and vitality. Smoothies, which are rich in color, fiber, and super food nutrients, offer the most delicious way to get more fresh foods into our diets that have the power to cleanse, detoxify and regenerate our body's trillions of cells!" — Candia Lea Cole

* In my cookbook package, you'll get my cookbook, 'Super Smoothies-Taste the Nectar of Life!' cookbook (PDF format) featuring over 90 delicious non-dairy fruit and vegetable based smoothies.

* You'll discover how you can combine fresh, organic fruits and vegetables with dairy-less milks, nuts, seeds, spices, flavorings, wholesome sweeteners, and even accents of pseudo grains such as quinoa, teff, and amaranth!

* You'll have the opportunity to watch my "Cookbook Chat" video, which gives you a peek inside my book's Table of Contents, and shares some of my recipe faves with you.

* You'll be inspired by my mini book, a self-inner-view in which I "deep dish" about the personal and planetary health benefits of drinking smoothies, and share nature's wisdom for eating whole.        


Here's a sample of the delicious recipes that I show you how to make on video. They are suitable for everyday nourishment, as well as special occasions!

* Frosty Banana Chocolate Chip (Like dessert!) 

* Gentle Fig & Mother Grain (So creamy and nourishing) 

* Figgy Cranapple Nut (Unique and refreshing) 

* Avocado Pineapple Paradise (A delightful nectar and summer treat)   
​* Strawberry Apple Strudel (Soaked dried apples, paired with fresh berries) 

* Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (An autumn treat) 

* Peachy Almond (Fresh, light, sunny summer taste)  

* Mocha Mint Avocado (Creamy, luscious, and addicting!) 

* Nutty Banana Amaranth (A delicious heart delight that's rich in calcium and potassium)  

* Malaysian Sweet Potato ( A vibrant, vitamin A-rich delight)    

* Gazpacho Tang (A delicious lunchtime meal replacement) 

* Maple Morning Teff (A yummy morning breakfast) 

* Creamy Butterscotch Yam (A smooth, delicious, creamy treat that beats pudding in a box) )  

* Cocoa Yam (Ditto!) 

10 Hand-Picked Tabletop TUTORS™ Infographics are included in this fun cooking course.

(Post on Your Frig  Door or inside of your pantry! Use as teaching aids.) 

* Where Do Your Fruits and Veggies Come From?

* Hydrate for Health, Harmonize with the Environment

* Eat/ Drink Your Way to a Better Mood!

* Why Can't I Eat Dairy?

* I'm A Health-Loving, Eco-Conscious Vegetarian

* Savoring Nature's Liquid Sweeteners

* Creating a Therapeutic Meal with Color Rays that Heal!

* Use Your Meal to Heal, with Culinary Spices

* How to Create a Sacred Kitchen 

* Empower Yourself in the Kitchen -Adopt a Culinary Archetype

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