(For Caregivers of High Functioning Youth on the Autism Spectrum)  

  A self-guided, mentor-supported training and training toolkit, featuring book(s) helpful mentoring scripts, 

info-graphics, audios, cooking videos, recipe cards, and more!)  

Are you a parent who is responsible for the care of (and education of) a high-functioning child, teenager, or young adult on the spectrum? Do you have the heartfelt desire to support them in reaching their highest potential? Are you seeking educational tools that will support you in learning more about their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs? If so, you're going to love the training toolkit I've created for you, which will support you in forming a closer bond with your child!" - Candia Lea Cole 

Have You Noticed?     

  • Protests are taking place all over the globe, because people are growing sick and tired of corporations producing toxic lifestyle products that are hurting the health of the planet and people!    

  • The producers of pharmaceutical drugs are being scrutinized like never before, because of their role in creating addictions.   

  • A growing number of parents are refusing to get their children vaccinated, because of the health risks they pose, and they are also opposing the mandatory drugging their children in our nation’s schools.   

It's Time to Reclaim Our Eco-Intelligence!     

All of this is happening, I believe, because the time has come to reclaim our innate eco-intelligence. Our eco-intelligence, which I believe we were born with, guides us to live in balance and harmony with nature and make choices that protect and sustain life, rather than destroy it!  

Are You Ready…To "Answer the Calling of Today's Youth?  

The pain that our youth are experiencing in our world today is serving as a rude but timely "wake-up call" for all of humanity. It is asking us to hit the pause button in our lives.  Only when we stop, look around us, and listen to what is being communicated (verbally or non-verbally) by our children, as well as the natural world, will we begin to realize what is needed for our young people to feel well, and to gain a sense of safety, belonging, and purpose. Pain is the lesson, love is the teacher! 

"In her Eco-Intelligent Mentor Training, Candia Lea Cole offers a fresh new perspective on the possibilities for dealing with Autism and ASD, as well as other related mental health concerns. She encourages actions that guide parents and caregivers of children with Autism to use natural foods, explore alternative therapies, and much more, to better connect the body, mind, heart and soul, so they are more in sync with the natural world. Cole's training reveals a trailblazer who is encouraging parents to see beyond the typical treatments, therapies, and interventions. She offers a great perspective on seeing children with Autism as 'more than' rather than 'less than'." — Connie Hammer, Parent, MSW & PCI Certified Parent Coach ® and founder of Progressive Parent, LLC

Entree to Training: 5-Part Podcast/Book:

 “Parenting Our Special Needs Youth the Eco-Intelligent Way.”


I share with you, my experience with environmental illness while growing up, which confused and pained me, and frustrated my parents, doctors, and teachers), but which ultimately led me to explore the world of natural medicine and create a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle that supported my well-being. I also explore my son's experience with OCD (a sub-set of autism spectrum), which resulted from his exposure to a medical toxin (prior to being born) as well as a life-threatening infection that he suffered as a young boy. I connect my interest in the mental health field to my desire to find answers about my health, my son's health, and my family of origin's health. You’ll be inspired by my  story, to think about the importance of parenting youth the eco-intelligent way, a way that considers their personal health needs, as well as the planet’s!             

"Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box" 
 (My Blue Covered Book & Mentoring Modules) are a Key Feature of My Training   

BONUS: "Done for You" Eco-Mentoring Scripts: Learn an effective way to talk with teens and young adults about the remedies in my book which support them in practicing good self care and feeling more healthy and grounded. They will become more conscious about the special role they play, in awakening humanity's eco-intelligence and helping life go on! Use the scripts to teach, or lend the scripts to young people for independent learning.                

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