Nourish the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul of Youth

"on or near" the Autism Spectrum 

  My Training Toolkit Includes: 10 Videos+ My Parenting Booklet (& 5 Part Podcast) + Book: Features nearly 300 Eco-Remedies for Autism Spectrum (Includes Directory of Functional Medicine Doctors) + 4 Part Podcast (Mom & Son Talk about OCD Diet & Lifestyle) +15 Doctor Support Tools + 120 Tabletop TUTORS info-graphics (Learn & Teach Healthy, Eco-Living) + Dozens of Autism-Friendly Recipes & Refrigerator Door Recipe Graphics + 14 Eco-Mentoring Scripts! 

Are you a parent , a caregiver or teacher who is responsible for the care of (and education of) a high-functioning child, teenager, or young adult on (or near) the spectrum? Do you reject the idea that autism spectrum conditions can't be helped or even healed? Are you seeking insight about how to nurture your child's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and ecological needs so they can realize their fullest potential? If so, my toolkit gives you lots of self-help tools to choose from that I know will be useful to you and your family."  - Candia Lea Cole 

Are You Ready…To "Answer the Calling of Today's Youth?  

The pain that our youth are experiencing in our world today is serving as a rude but timely "wake-up call" for all of humanity. It is asking us to hit the pause button in our lives.  Only when we stop, look around us, and listen to what is being communicated by our children, as well as the natural world they are growing up in, will we begin to realize what is needed for our young people to feel well, and to regain a sense of safety, belonging, and purpose. Pain is the lesson, love is the teacher! 

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Entree Booklet & Audio Podcast  

 “Parenting Our Special Needs Youth the Eco-Intelligent Way.”


Have you ever considered the idea that autism is a form of environmental illness? I have. In my booklet, I share with you, my experience with environmental illness while growing up, which confused and frustrated my parents, doctors, and teachers, and which caused me great physical, mental, and emotional suffering. As a young adult searching for answers about my pain, I was led to explore the path of natural healing and nutrition. Along the way, I unearthed several clues about the origin of my illness, which led me to know and understand that I had been exposed to toxins in my mother's womb, and I had been born with a gene that is linked with autism. My lifestyle, I learned, had also contributed to my illness, because it had exposed me to numerous environmental toxins. These toxins became a burden in my body and made me the prefect host for bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Today, nearly all kids on the spectrum are dealing with the same kinds of health issues that I have dealt with, including my own son, who deals with a sub--type of autism known as OCD. If you'd like to learn about the ed. tools I've created that can empower you and your child to feel better and create a cleaner, greener lifestyle, this book (and 1.5 hour segmented podcast) offer to give you hope and direction!        




 "Regardless of any ‘special’ condition, challenge, or gift your child may have, you will be exposed to ‘tons’ of insights and information you never imagined existed about the relationship between how we live, how our bodies and brains respond to those conditions, and what you can constructively do about it. In my world we call people like Candia a paradigm shifter because they allow you to see otherwise familiar things in an absolutely new light. I believe the wisdom in this book applies to every family with children of any age with any kind of developmental pattern.  -William G. Spady , author and world leader in future focused education   

These videos offer an expanded version of what is featured in the booklet. If you're a visual learner, you will appreciate these.     
1) Welcome to the Training
2) What's an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor? 
3) Introducing My Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Toolkit 
4) My Story: Why I've Chosen to Serve the Autism Community
5) Clues about How Environmental Illness Developed In My Body (and Possibly Your Child's Body, Too?) 
6) Pre Natal Drugs Pose Autism Health Risks
7) Let's Not Ignore Vaccine Risks 
8) Gut Health & Neuro-Immunity 
9) Dietary Detoxification Is Key to Your Child's Well-Being
10) Choosing an Autism Friendly Diet 
11) Meal Making with Meaning
12) Beware Radiation & Mold         
My Blue Covered Book: "Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum that Think Outside the Box" is a Key Feature of My Training   

Autism Is Speaking To Us!

(What Is It Saying?)    


Learning Modules in Part 1 Include:

  • What Is Autism and ASD?

    • (In the Minds of Doctors, Natural Health Care Practitioners, and Parents)  

  • Defining Autism and ASD

    • (A Physical and Metaphysical Perspective)


Extraordinary Resources From Educators

Who 'Think Outside the Box' 

Learning Modules in Part 3 Include:

  • Vaccine Awareness Education     

  • Directory of Top Autism Health Specialists

    • (Diagnosis & Treatment for Autism Spectrum)  

  • Top Dietary Intervention & Nutrition Education Tools         

  • Holistic Health Support & Coaching Services for Autism Caregivers     

  • Top 5 Autism Educator Certification Trainings     

  • Candia Lea Cole's Eco-Lifestyle Education Tools & Trainings 

Remedies for Body, Mind, Heart & Soul 
  *  Home Health Remedies  
  • Body Detoxification Remedies

  • Microbial Cleansing Remedies 

  • Food Elimination & Food Sensitivity Remedies

  • Eco-Intelligent Food & Nutrition Remedies

  • Nutritional Supplement Remedies

  • Herbal Teas, Medicinal Herbs, and Homoeopathy Remedies 

  • Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Foot Baths,  Acupressure & Reiki Remedies 

  • Light and Color Therapy Remedies 

  • Sound, Vibrational, Guided Imagery Healing Remedies

  • Essential Oil Remedies 

  • Behavioral Therapy & ‘Higher Brain’ Activation 

  • Bio-Energetic Remedies (Earthing, Stones & Crystals, Wearable Technology)   

  • Bio-Electric Remedies, (Pain Relief, & Brain Balancing)

  • ‘Hands-On’ Emotional Healing Remedies

  • (Animal Therapy, Art Therapy, and EFT Technique)

  • Intuitive, Psychic, Energetic Healing Remedies 

  • Distance Health Readings & Soul Retrieval 

  • And more! 

BONUS: "Done for You" Eco-Mentoring Scripts: Learn an empowering way to talk with teens and young adults about the remedies in my book which will support them in practicing good self care and feeling more healthy and grounded. The scripts are illustrated, and they can be used independently by young adults.                


"In her book and training toolkit, Candia Lea Cole offers a fresh new perspective on the possibilities for dealing with ASD.  She encourages actions that guide parents and caregivers of children with Autism to use natural foods and explore alternative therapies, in order to better connect the body, mind, heart and soul, so they are more in sync with the natural world. Cole's training reveals a trailblazer who is encouraging parents to see beyond the typical treatments, therapies, and interventions. She offers a great perspective on seeing children with Autism as 'more than' rather than 'less than'." — Connie Hammer, Parent, MSW & PCI Certified Parent Coach ® and founder of Progressive Parent, LLC

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