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"Discover the Importance of Adopting a Clean, Green, Lifestyle that Serves to Nourish the Bodies, Minds, Hearts, and Souls of Today's Neuro-Diverse Kids"  

 This is a 4-Part Training. Each part can be purchased ala carte.  


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Are you ready…to "answer the calling" of today's youth?  ​Our children, our teenagers, and our young adults, who live on or near the autism spectrum, are, I believe, serving as "the mirrors" that reflect (what has become) our autistic relationship with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. They are telling us that it's time to reconnect with our innate eco-intelligence and nature's wisdom for living well!" -Candia Lea Cole
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 PARENT SUPPORT BOOK (Parenting Our Special Needs Youth the Eco-Intelligent Way) 
We've been influenced to think that children with 'special needs' are those with disabilities. But if you think about it, many of our kids today have 'special needs.' They have special needs because they are dealing with physical illnesses, as well as mental and neurological illnesses that are increasing at an alarming rate and causing issues such as ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. In my book, I invite you to join me in exploring the relationship between how we live, and how our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls respond to the way we live. 
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The Eco-Intelligent Path to Rehabbing Youth on the Spectrum  

10 EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS (Get informed, Feel Inspired, and Empowered!)  

1) Welcome to the Training
2) What's an Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor? 
3) Introducing My Eco-Intelligent Autism Mentor Toolkit 
4) My Story: Why I've Chosen to Serve the Autism Community
5) Clues about How Environmental Illness Developed In My Body (and Possibly Your Child's Body, Too!) 
6) Prenatal Drugs Pose Autism Health Risks
7) Let's Not Ignore Vaccine Risks 
8) Gut Health & Neuro-Immunity 
9) Dietary Detoxification Is Key to Your Child's Well-Being
10) Choosing an Autism Friendly Diet (and How to Deal with Picky Eaters)  

Audio Bonus Talks 

11) Meal Making with Meaning (Using Food to Elevate Your Child's Health & Consciousness) 
12) Radiation & Mold: Unsuspected Culprits in Autism            
13) The Rewards vs. the Challenges, of Raising a Child on (or near) the Autism Spectrum   

These learning aids underscore many of the ideas that my son and I speak about in the podcast. Doctors and researchers weigh in on the toxins that harm the brain-gut connection, such as heavy metals, (vaccines), glyphosate, and mold. I also provide you with a quiz that will help you to identify toxins in your home and work environment, and I offer you some practical and fun ideas for making organics more affordable!     

* Screening for Neurological Conditions

* Vaccine Checklist (Bring to Your Doctor's Office)  

* Eco-Health Quiz: Identifying the Toxins that Are Robbing Your Health Blind

* Special Report: The Dangers of Glyphosate

* Booklet: 10 Ways to Make Organic Food Affordable!

Plus more! 

Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum   

Includes my Autism Resource Book: "Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism Spectrum
that Think Outside the Box" plus Eco-Mentoring Scripts to use with High-Functioning Young Adults.  The remedies in this book also serve young people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and learning challenges.     


Autism Is Speaking To Us!

(What Is It Saying?)    


Learning Modules in Part 1 Include:

  • What Is Autism and ASD?

    • (In the Minds of Doctors, Natural Health Care Practitioners, and Parents)  

  • Defining Autism and ASD

    • (A Physical and Metaphysical Perspective)

    • Learn about the value and necessity of treating autism holistically, using an eco-intelligent approach to your child’s well-being. Discover the positive traits and gifts that many people on the spectrum possess, which ask to be nourished.      


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Extraordinary Resources From Educators

Who 'Think Outside the Box' 

Learning Modules in Part 3 Include:

  • Vaccine Awareness Education     

  • Directory of Top Autism Health Specialists

    • (Diagnosis & Treatment for Autism Spectrum)  

  • Top Dietary Intervention & Nutrition Education Tools      

  • Holistic Health Support & Coaching Services for Autism Caregivers     

  • Top 5 Autism Educator Certification Trainings     

  • Candia Lea Cole's Eco-Lifestyle Education Tools & Trainings 

Remedies for Body, Mind, Heart & Soul 
Learning Modules in Part 2 Include:
  *  Home Health Remedies (clean air, water, etc.)  
  • Body Detoxification Remedies

  • Microbial Cleansing Remedies 

  • Gut Healing Remedies

  • Food Elimination & Food Sensitivity Remedies

  • Picky Eater Remedies 

  • Eco-Intelligent Whole Foods Nutrition Remedies

  • Nutritional Supplement Remedies 

  • Brain Boosting Super Nutrient Remedies 

  • Herbal Teas & Medicinal Herbs Remedies

  • Homoeopathic & Bach Flower Essence Remedies  

  • Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Foot Baths &   Acupressure

  • Light and Color Therapy Remedies 

  • Sound, Vibrational, and Music Healing Remedies

  • Guided Imagery Healing Remedies

  • Essential Oil Remedies 

  • Behavioral Therapy & ‘Higher Brain’ Activation 

  • Bio-Energetic Remedies (Earthing, Crystals & Wearable Technology to protect from Wi-Fi)   

  • Bio-Electric Remedies (Pain Relief & Brain Balancing)

  • Hands-On Emotional Healing Remedies (Animal Therapy, Art Therapy, and EFT Technique) 

  • Intuitive and Energetic Healing Remedies

  • Prayer, Reiki Energy & Soul Retrieval Remedies 



Learn an empowering way to talk with teens and young adults about the remedies in my book. Support them in practicing good self-care and feeling more healthy and grounded. Encourage them to reach their highest potential, and thank them for being the "change agents" they are! The scripts are illustrated, and they can be used independently or collaboratively.                 

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