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"Some doctors and health researchers believe that drinking conventionally produced dairy products (which contain veterinary drugs and bovine growth hormones) may increase the risk of certain cancers - especially breast, ovarian, and prostrate. Not only do these hormones threaten human health, they also injure the health of cows. And, because the waste of cows ends up in the environment, our ecosystems suffer too! The health of our bodies, the Earth, and all living things, is connected!" — Candia Lea Cole

Milk Made without a Dairy Cow?! YES! Let the Taste of Mother Nature's Orchards Romance Your Taste Buds! 

If you don't drink milk because of lactose intolerance, or dairy sensitivities,'ve stopped drinking soy milk because you've heard that it's NOT what it's cracked up to be, nut milks (made from environmentally friendly ingredients) offer a delicious, nutritious way to fill the gap in your diet! Served hot or chilled, nut milks are low in calories and high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Because they're a super-rich source of essential fatty acids, they burn unwanted fat in the body and are both heart-healthy and brain-healthy! 


In my whole foods vegetarian cookbook, 'Not Milk...NUT MILKS!' you'll find 40 of the most original dairy-free beverages ever!


Click the video link below, to learn more about this offering!

* In my cookbook package, you'll learn how easy it is to prepare my four-season recipes in just ten minutes, with the aid of a seed grinder, a blender, a hand-held mesh strainer, and a stirring spoon.

* You'll discover the simple culinary formula for making a creamy, smooth-sipping nut milk, using your favorite organic nuts and seeds, as well as sunflower seed lecithin granules, flax seeds, fruits (fresh or soaked dried fruits), wholesome sweeteners, spices, natural flavorings, super foods, and liquids. 

* You'll get ideas for including nut milks in recipes, along with serving suggestions.  

* You'll have the opportunity to watch my "Cookbook Chat" video and get a sneak peek into my book's Table of Contents and my recipe faves. 

* You'll be inspired by my mini book, a self-inner-view in which I "deep dish" about the personal and planetary health benefits of drinking non-dairy milks and share nature's wisdom for eating whole.  

"Candia’s nut milks bring a taste of sun into the kitchen!"  Tom Squier, Living Off The Land

"Adults and kids that have been raised on whole foods should love the recipes in Not Milk NUT MILKS!" — Jane Heimlich, author of What Your Doctor Won't Tell You

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