(Features "The Farm Green, Cook & Eat Clean" Toolkit!)  

(A self-guided, mentor-supported training featuring Mini-book+ Podcast+ Tabletop TUTORS Infographics+ Grocery Shopping hacks + Crossword Puzzle Game, and more!)  

"The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ is the first eating model of its kind to promote green farming and clean eating. Why is this essential in the 21st century? Because we need to clean up the way that we produce food and clean up our food choices if we are going to create personal health and planetary well-being!" — Candia Lea Cole 

Course Description

For decades, the USDA Eating Model has told Americans “what” to eat (and in what amounts), but it has failed to tell us that its creators stand behind an industrial food production system that is destroying the environment, and putting people’s health in harm’s way by exposing them to unsafe levels of pesticides, GMO’s, and food additives.


Unfortunately, political lobbyists are handsomely paid to protect conventional food industry standards and their profits! In this course, you will get the inside story about this problem, and be encouraged to adopt healthy, eco-sustainable food choices that protect and nourish your health and sustain the Earth’s health.  

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Basic Knowledge

No prior knowledge is needed. Just bring a curious mind and a willingness to awaken your innate eco-intelligence. Course is suitable for health enthusiasts, eco-advocates, nutrition and wellness educators, and high school and college students. Over 60 learning and teaching tools are included in this educational toolkit! 

What You'll Learn (Educational Tools)

My book "Answering Our Urgent Need to Adopt an Eco-Sustainable Eating Model" provides you with awareness about why the USDA Eating Model has been called "flawed" and "inaccurate" by one of our nation's top nutrition educators.

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My Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ Info-graphic illustrates for you: 1) what organic farming is and how it protects biodiversity, 2) the earth’s first foods, 3) why and how to recycle food waste and reduce food packaging, and 4) how to save energy in the cooking process, and eat in harmony with the seasons.  

My 4 Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ Farm to Table Info-Graphics illustrate for you: 1) an "eco-negligent" approach to farming and eating 2) how it ‘starves’ the eco-relationships which govern your personal and planetary well-being and 3) an "eco-intelligent" approach to farming and eating, 4) how it ‘nourishes’ the eco-relationships which govern your personal and planetary well-being.

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848 X 565_ Hand Holding Plant 12978912_m

My 10 Tabletop TUTORS™ Info-graphics illustrate for you, how you can support the earth’s health through practices such as composting, permaculture, and avoidance of chemicals, as well as gardening in a way that protects seeds and honeybees from extinction.   

My 13 segment podcast features: Learn about the history of both the USDA Eating Model and the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model ™ including their impact on the environment. 2) Learn why my eating model caters to both plant and animal food eaters. 3) Listen to me share insights about the whole foods that are featured in the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ and get insights about their history, culinary uses, and health benefits. 3) Learn about “who” supports the sustainable eating model that I’ve created, and consider how you might use it for teaching purposes in your home or community.

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Tabeltop TUTORS extra.JPG

My 25 Tabletop TUTORS™ (which double as dining table placemats) offer an easy and fun way to learn about and teach others about ALL of the foods that are featured in the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model.


These colorful text-rich graphics teach you about whole grains, legumes, sprouts, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, healthy salt, green super foods, organic meats, and dairy products, fish and sea vegetables, non-dairy milks and seed/nut cheeses, wholesome sweeteners, and pure drinking water.


Note: Bonus graphics are included, which address the health issues related to eating unhealthy fats, sweeteners, and factory farmed meats and dairy products. And, you will get quizzes that support you in personalizing what you learn!

My "Top 10 Grocery Shopping Hacks" Report offers you my tips for making organic food affordable.


My Crossword Puzzle Game, “‘Farm Alarm” gives you a fun way to learn about the hazards of growing and eating GMO foods!   


Be on the cutting edge of nutrition education, and join a growing food movement that is committed to promoting health, longevity, and sustainability in yourself and all living things!  

Note: This course is a mini-version of my Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate (Certification) Course. The certification course offers a more in-depth version of the farming and food issues than what is covered in the yellow covered booklet. It also features 50 cooking videos and several other valuable learning tools, plus a consultation with me and an endorsement for your resume.  Both training options are great! You get to choose which one suits your needs best! Questions? candia@eco-mentor.com 

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