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Integrating Your Personal & Planetary Need for Sustenance 


Are you aware that there is a demand for a NEW kind of nutrition and health mentor? This new kind of mentor is one who is conscious of the idea that the way that food is produced is just as important as what a person eats. This new kind of mentor is one who is conscious of the idea that food is meant to nourish our connection to not only the natural world, but to our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits. Unfortunately, the USDA Eating Model does not promote this vital message! -Candia Lea Cole 

The USDA Eating Model Is Flawed!

USDA Eating Model.png

The USDA Eating Model reflects the economic interests of the meat, dairy, sugar, and fat producing industries, and its eating guidelines have been found to be misleading and flawed by prominent health researchers. To complicate matters, it doesn't make a distinction between (toxic) industrially produced food and (cleaner) sustainably produced food. 

Are you aware, that: 

Industrial farming methods are contributing to human sickness because they contain poisonous pesticides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and hormones.

  • Industrial farming methods are contributing to deforestation, species extinction, topsoil erosion, water pollution, colony collapse disorder, and climate change.

  • Attempts to revise the USDA Dietary Guidelines have been met with resistance by those who have an economic stake in the industrial food system.      


It’s Time for a Nutrition Curriculum
that Speaks to Our Ecological Needs!   

Candia Film Eco Eat Model (2).JPG
Farming&Eating_nCover Final.png


When it comes to learning about (and teaching others about) nutrition, it’s time to come out of the "dark age!" That's why I have created a nutrition curriculum that speaks to the ecological health crisis we are facing in the 21st century.


* My book/curriculum uses The USDA Eating Model (featuring 6 food groups) to address the ecological health problems that people, plants, animals, and all living things are experiencing due to our reliance on a toxic industrial food production system.

* My book/curriculum uses The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ (featuring 12 food groups) to address the necessity of returning to an organic farming system that works with nature to restore our ecological well-being and encourages conscious eating and cooking habits. 


Note: The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model™ IS in alignment with the mission of the USDA’s organics program and The National Organic Standards Board organic food policy guidelines, which state that organic food must be produced without toxic synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, and irradiation by-products. 

Click Here to Get a Deeper Look
at What the Book/Curriculum Invites You to Learn

This book offers to be a stellar learning/teaching tool for home school educators, nutrition/health care educators, “green teens” and college students, and everyday people who have a burning desire to be healthy and make a difference in the world, by being consumers of health-giving organic foods that nourish their eco-intelligence!

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