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In her book, “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, Candia Lea Cole addresses the emerging needs of our families in a changing world. As a parent and educator who works with young adults, I see how her online program (which she spells out with great clarity in this book) as connecting youth with their spirituality and sense of “beingness” in the world, through both creative and practical means. The crisis of our times is our disconnection from the Earth and our whole selves. Candi’s curriculum teaches the interrelatedness of our lives with all that is in our world. Old ways of looking at and interacting with the world no longer work. We need a new paradigm, a new “life curriculum” that helps define our place in the universe. Candia, I’m pleased to know, has created one. The richness of her personal healing journey has guided her in teaching young adults not only how to make healthy lifestyle, food, and health choices, but also how to experience life with their whole beings! —Jeanne Troge, M.A., parent, educator, family spiritual counselor, facilitator of The Journey program for teens


In her book, “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, Candia Lea Cole touched my heart and spirit with two extraordinarily important qualities to build into our lives—passion and purpose. Candia lovingly reminds us that we are truly the pivotal generation who can and must make new choices to bring our world and our lives into balance while there’s still time. This teacher’s energy, grace, and simple human kindness are destined to leave an indelible impression on the lives of all she touches. I believe that participation in Candia’s online Eco-Learning Legacy (which she outlines in her book) is essential for all parents, mentors, life coaches, and everyday citizens who want to positively affect the course of mankind in the 21st century! —Brian D. Biro, parent, coach, speaker, trainer, and bestselling author of Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets of a Winning Life, Through the Eyes of A Coach and The Joyful Spirit


Commitment is the essence of Candia’s Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training, a timely yet timeless masterpiece woven from the ecological fabric of her being. In her book, “Nourish Your

Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, she presents us with a multitude of methods for preserving the natural resources of our planet and asks us to be active and immediate participants in a process that provides a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to all that is natural, healthful, and life-supporting. As she inspires us to have a greater understanding of our connection to the whole, let us find ways to assist her in bringing her dreams into reality. What we do for ourselves dies with us; what we do for others’ lives goes on forever. Candia’s curriculum training is a work of doing for others. —Bill Rezmerski, parent, certified school psychologist, business executive, and professional trainer


Candia Lea Cole is a woman of profound wisdom, depth, and creativity. A “soul sister” and guide, she is a healing salve to all of humanity. Her Eco-Learning Legacy and Eco-Mentor Leadership Training

“Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, is born of spiritual attunement yet grounded in the well of human consciousness. It promises the awakening of our core beings by way of a multi-dimensional, activity-rich curriculum that satisfies all types of learners. To all parents (even parent “wannabes”) this holistic lifestyle course offers to make the process of mentoring joyful and engaging in every way! In my view, Ms. Cole has written the defining tome of the 21st century: one that richly honors, blesses, and renews the sacred relationship between Mother Earth and all her children. Don’t ever misplace your copies of her books! —Kathleen Richardson, former Executive Director of the Southwest Family Room and Project Foundation for Teens, Minneapolis, Minnesota


In her book, "Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be", Candia introduces us to a bold and ambitious curriculum that she has designed to take on one of the most difficult challenges of our time: the preservation of our health and our planet through a paradigm shift in our nation’s lifestyle, food, and medical choices. Her thoughtfully designed curriculum and book series are destined to show young people how their choices can lead to either the destruction of their health and environment or the prospect of a safer, greener Earth. This stand-alone home education model provides learners with new life options that can reverse the dangerous ecological path they have inherited. -—Lois Zander, parent, and special education teacher


Amidst our attention deficit, an over-prescribed world of weedless lawns, canned convenience, and “perfect” strawberries, Candia’s Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Training (introduced in her book “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”), offers profound hope for the

eco-soul of our existence. With her clarion call to action, Candia ushers in a new era for humanity with a vision that has the power to awaken our eco-intelligence and transform lives. Practical, yet deeply absorbing, Candia’s model for living well in the 21st century offers every man, woman, and child, the gift of

re-connectedness and the discovery of a heart-centered passion that nurtures their health and happiness. I commend her work, her comprehensive eco-integrated vision, and her skill as she brings this essential movement into the light of day! —Sherri Lander Smith, parent, co-founder, and chief learning officer of, encouraging all parents to provide a genius education for their children, and co-founder of the Virginia Health and Environment Project


In her book “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be” (which serves as an invitation to participate in her online Eco-Mentor training), Candia leaves behind preachy, dogmatic theories about health and brings us something truly unique and practical with the potential to create healing for many generations to come. Through education that teaches us about nourishing foods and natural medicines, a connection to nature, and attention to our inner needs, she brings us back to wholeness with ourselves, nature, and the planet. We can then experience a profound healing on all levels. I have often wished that school health classes would incorporate wellness books and programs (like Candia’s) into their curriculums, but due to time constraints, budget shortfalls, and competing interests, this is often not possible. To overcome this problem, Candia has created a beautiful educational legacy that is the outgrowth of her courageous self-healing journey! —Dr. Cynthia Foster, MD, author of Stop the Medicine!


So much of our culture espouses environmentalism. Apart from the basics that began with “Do not litter” and later “Reduce, reuse and recycle,” there is a lack of in-depth approaches to the issues. Children, teens, and young adults especially need to know why these issues are vital to the health and well-being of “Oikos,” the house symbolizing our bodies and the Earth. Candia’s book “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, introduces us to a curriculum that will truly support our children in being the next stewards of our blue-green planet. —Bonnie Rubinstein Bloch, parent, and founder of

Eco-Source Waste Management Solutions


The information in Candia’s book “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, excellently outlines a new eco-conscious lifestyle education paradigm and presents it well.

Life-long learners will want to participate in the online portion of her curriculum, which she explains in her book, features audio and videos. ---Michael J. Cohen, EdD, founder of Project Nature Connect, author, educator, applied ecopsychologist


Candia, I am impressed. No, I am in awe of your commitment to this work and your courage to communicate it so clearly. The 12  2-part Discovery and Empowerment Dialogues (and 12 Discovery Missions) that you have outlined in your book “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, are purposeful and practical and, therefore, very powerful! I am adamantly convinced that whoever embraces and applies your critical message will immensely benefit themselves and the world we all share! —(The late) Ron L. Fronk, Ph.D., Psychologist, parent, national speaker, and author of Creating a Lifestyle You Can Live With


Candia Lea Cole’s Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Training, which she introduces us to in her book “Nourish Your Eco-Intelligence! Become the Eco-Mentor You Were Born to Be”, makes the case that non-toxic living and healthy eating are part of an intentional life that consciously encompasses attention to body, mind, and spirit. I applaud her effectiveness at explicitly locating humans among all other species within nature, rather than outside. I very much like this ecologically integrated approach to thinking about food as part of a much larger set of important health and life issues. —Dr. Ted Schettler, MD, co-author of Generations at Risk and In Harm’s Way


As we peek out into our madness of over-stimulated, over-activated life, the core of the children’s cry is: “Nobody is home!” and “No one hears me or touches me!” We have reached our peaking moment in our disconnect. What will slow us down, to look and feel again? Only an invitation such as Candia Lea Cole’s Eco-Learning Legacy will call out to those of us who are awake, aware, and more than ready to journey back home to our natural connections. “Stop,” “Look,” “listen,” and “choose again” come to mind. Are we ready to come back to life yet? Are we ready to live interdependently, become wholly nourished, and thrive in a new global capacity? Thank you, Candia, for your invitation to do so. It is time! Our young people and our families deserve this moment of choosing again. Let us begin! —Mary M. Regnier, parent, community builder, life coach, and founder of Brilliant Living Center, Minnesota

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