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"Get a Clue...about the Personal & Planetary Drawbacks of  Growing and Eating Genetically Modifed Foods!"     

This Training Toolkit Includes: My Crossword Puzzle Activity "Farm Alarm" (in PDF download format) + 13 Tabletop TUTORS (Colorful, Text-Rich Ed. Infographics) + Info Hand-Outs.    

"Do you believe that genetically engineered foods are safe for you to eat, and harmless to the environment? If so, you've probably been hoodwinked by a lobbyist who works for the industrial food industry. Researchers who don't have a financial bias, know that GE foods aren't healthy for people or the planet. And my crossword puzzle offers proof of it!" -Candia Lea Cole



Crossword puzzles are the most popular and enduring word games in the world. And, this eye-opening crossword game gives you and your family a way to learn about the destructive impact of GMO food production on Earth ecology, as well as your own human ecology system.

Feed your basic curiosity about this hotly debated topic! Learn the truth, versus the lies that big food corporations promote, because they want to monopolize our food system and protect their financial interests.   

The Farm Alarm Activity Includes:

1) A blank crossword puzzle form 

2) A game clues form 

3 A puzzle answers form

4) A few graphics featuring the names of food brands to boycott 

Use Your Consumer Power Wisely: Purchase Organically Produced Foods as Often as Possible!  

Knowledge is power! You have the power, as a consumer, to buy foods that are raised in accordance with organic standards, and in doing so, you protect your health and sustain the Earth's health. Learn as much as you can, about the companies that are producing food that is healthy for people, the planet, and all living things. Take time to know the companies that are bending the rules and watering down organic standards.  

Colorful Tabletop TUTORS Ed. Infographics in this Toolkit Include: 

* Just Say No to GM Food Production

* Why to Farm & Eat Organic

* Seeds: Why to Protect Seed Divserity

* Are You, Your Family, and the Planet Eating Toxic Weed Killer?

* Is Glyphosate Eroding Your Family's Health?

* Will You Help to Save the Honeybees and Birds? 

* A World without Honeybees: Unthinkable!

* Exploring The Wisdom of Compost 

* Permaculture: Foster the Circle of Life

* Where Does the Meat You Eat, Come From? 

* Where Does the Dairy You Eat, Come From?  

* Where Does the Fish You Eat, Come From? 

* Where Do the Fruits and Veggies You EatCome From?  





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