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In the book and curriculum Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way, we learn the tremendous value of eating in harmony with the needs of our bodies and the earth, as well as the many challenges that confront us if we adhere to the Standard American Diet. Nutrition is a common thread in our nation's conversation more now than ever, yet big businesses entrenched in old ideologies, profit, and politics are a major problem!  It's good to know that Candia is out there 'ringing the bell' that will highlight the values of farming and eating the eco-conscious way!  - Deb Tucker, Founder and CEO, What’s in Your Lunchbox 


It is obvious from the very first chapter of her book, Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way that Candia Lea Cole has a life’s passion for both the environment and conscious, responsible eating and nutrition. I wish this book was required reading for all high school and college students. The material is well-researched and is thoroughly accessible. The infographics are a marvelous bonus, including the Eco-Intelligent Eating Model which is a primary educational focus. The book is methodical in how the information is presented, and the message is always very positive: food matters, and how and where we get our food is important to us and to the health of the earth. Karla Maree, CNC (Certified Nutrition Consultant)  


Candia’s Eco-Intelligent Eating Model, which we learn about in her book, Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way, speaks to our personal and planetary needs in today’s eco-stressed world. I like it because it features healthy, whole organic foods that build and sustain my energy and vitality for my long ocean rows. This model also presents a healthy and meaningful way of relating our food and agriculture choices to the larger web of life, which I am passionate about protecting.  - Roz Savage, Ocean Rower, and Environmental Activist  


Candia’s book and curriculum Farming & Eating the Eco-Intelligent Way is brilliant. It introduces us to an integrated approach to eating, using natural, whole, delicious foods that help to protect our individual health as well as the health of the planet. As the founder of an organization known as Human Energy Solutions that is involved in developing nutritional supplements and functional foods, our goals are aimed at balancing healthy food choices with earth–friendly habits. Candia’s Eco-Intelligent Eating Model provides a magnificent framework for continuing our thirteen-year history into the future research of other products. Her model provides our organization with the framework to continue to provide alternatives that we probably would not have considered.  She provides a very rare insight into the dynamics of the current food growing and processing being done by major food industries, in conjunction with food regulators and third-party interests. More importantly, she provides balanced guidance on how to improve the situation. - Bill Rezmerski, CEO, Human Energy Solutions  


The path Candia is taking with her Eco-Intelligent Eating Model and book/curriculum is very important and I am sure it will find an appreciative audience. We are also working toward the integration of sustainability and nutrition within our curriculum. - Dr. Walter Willet, M.D. Chairman of the Nutrition Dept. at Harvard School of Public Health and author of the book Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating 


In our country, and much of the developed world, the incidences of chronic illness in children have skyrocketed and continue to advance at a breathtaking pace.  At least 54% of children in the United States have chronic medical problems.  Although the reasons for this epidemic are complex, there is a path back to health and wellness through nutrition.  Unfortunately, sound nutrition practices have all but vanished from our culture and our daily lives.  As the Founder and Executive Director of Epidemic Answers and the author of A Compromised Generation, I am acutely aware of the desperate need for a fresh approach to nutrition and wellness, especially for our children.  As a society, we need to initiate a food revolution and re-educate ourselves as to the most healthful and ecologically-sound approaches to nutrition. Candia Lea Cole offers this very education through her book/curriculum and Eco-Intelligent Eating Model.  Marrying traditional ways of eating with cutting-edge nutrition science, her approach to eating offers a model that, if implemented, could save the health of the next generation. -- Beth Lambert, Executive Director, Epidemic Answers; Author: A Compromised Generation:  The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children


As the Founder and CEO of What’s in Your Lunch Box, an organization that serves families affected by autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities, I love Candia Lea Cole’s Eco-Intelligent Eating Model.  It is very dynamic, and I personally appreciate its eco-integrated vision -a vision that connects our personal and planetary health needs. I have a vested interest in nutrition education that supports parents and their children to adopt new and conscious food and lifestyle behaviors, behaviors that are purposeful, preventive, and proactive. Candia’s Eco Intelligent Eating Model offers to support my aims in this process because it offers a broad, connected vision of healthful eating that prevents harm to nature and gives people a purposeful way to eat. Thank you, Candia, for putting this model out there for all of us! It is a welcome alternative to the USDA Food and Eating Model - a stodgy, outdated eating model that fails to consider the link between our personal and planetary health.  - Deb Tucker, Founder, and CEO, What’s in Your Lunchbox 


Candia, thanks for the excellent work you are doing, introducing the public to your book/curriculum and Eco-Intelligent Eating Model.  I’m continually amazed by the similarities between conventional agriculture and modern medicine.  Both just treat symptoms with toxic chemicals instead of treating the underlying causes of the disease. And we wonder why ‘healthcare’ costs are skyrocketing, and the public’s health is in a state of rapid decline. I just want to say “Wake up” people! We don’t have a genetic problem; we have a nutritional problem! Anyway, it’s exciting to see the paradigm shift, even if it’s agonizingly slow. We desperately need more public education about our food supply, including awareness about real, non-toxic food and biological farming. Keep up the great work! -Dave Horn, Director of Sustainable Ag Programs at Perfect Blend Biotic Fertilizers 


Candia Lea Cole’s Eco-Intelligent Eating Model is an attractive teaching tool, and she is providing important guidance to everyday consumers that is in alignment with our mission. Mark Kastel, Co-Founder of the Cornucopia Institute 


As a holistic chef and cookbook author, I’m thrilled to see an eating model that features the “grow and eat organic” message.  Organic foods have always been central to my health teachings as I work with individuals to promote health and well-being that is rooted in an awareness of where food comes from and how it serves to nourish us. Organic food is not a passing trend, nor is it less healthy than conventionally grown food. It is a delicious, nutrient-rich food that is grown in harmony with (the needs of) our bodies, the earth, and all living things.  I look forward to sharing the message in Candia’s Eco-Intelligent Eating Model with clients, friends, and business associates who believe in and support the organic movement. - Shelley Alexander, Founder, Holistic Chef and Vitality Consultant, and Founder of A-Harmony Healing 

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