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“Candia Lea Cole brings us a new vision of healthful eating in Gourmet Grains.”- Kitchen Window, Mpls. Star Tribune

“Gourmet Grains presents a healthful, artistic way of nourishing….a helpful, detailed book with recipes for all seasons and occasions!”- Knight Ridder

“Candia Lea Cole merges the foods of the past with the future of healthy dining.”-Eleanor Ostman, - Food Writer, St. Paul Pioneer Press

   “I love this book! The recipes are exceptional, unique, and healthy. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to prepare the recipes!”-Sharon Hamel, - For the Love of Food Newsletter 

“Her work is different in several ways. Not only do her recipes have an originality that sets them apart from others using similar ingredients, but there is something else that I sensed, -a purposeful, knowing serenity and a selfless, nourishing desire to share her findings. A poet as well as a recipe creator, Candia refers to sprouts as” the curling greenery that sprawls out of sandwiches, -the lattice of miniature life in salad bowls.’ Hers is the only American grain book with recipes for spelt, the new ancient grain known as dinkel in Germany and emmer in Italy. Try her Santa Fe Style Quinoa Stuffed Red Bell Peppers, and Quinoa Parmesan with herbed mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini.”-Grace Kirschenbaum, - Editor of World of Cookbooks and The International Cookbook Newsletter

"This book is up front and center on my recipe shelf. Creatively written and a great reference guide. All you need to know about grains; highly recommended. "- Jill Rae F.  

"Want to experience good health? Step 1: Put down your weapons of mass destruction: white sugar and white flour; saturated/trans fats; food sprayed with poisonous chemicals that are laden with preservatives, artificial flavors, and dyes during mass processing; animals treated with antibiotics, hormones, and nitrates; and dead last - GMO's. Step 2: Pick up the book "Gourmet Grains" which invites you into the heart and hearth of author Candia Lea Cole. Twenty years ago, I bought her book at my local co-op as a beginner vegetarian. It has been a staple in my pantry ever since. If you want to become a vegetarian but don't know how, Candia's warm writing combined with simple instructions, lets her step off the page and into your kitchen to easily guide you. Now as a veteran vegetarian, I appreciate the fact that Candia's recipes provide a wide variety of succulent mouth-watering flavors from our own backyard gardens to cultures from around the world. I highly recommend this book. Step 3: Let nature nurture you to good health with "Gourmet Grains". As I approach my 60s, I take no prescription drugs and have rarely been to a doctor except to let science prove that I am in as good of health as I feel. Thank you, Candia Lea Cole! -NJG

 "I buy this book whenever I can find it to give away as gifts to friends. Great diversity in the many grain recipes. Healthy wonderful recipes that are delicious. - Dea Bea

"This is my favorite cookbook. All the recipes in this book are based on this principle: Cook some grains, chop some vegetables, cook the vegetables, and combine with the grains. Most of the dishes are hot, but there are a few cold "salad" dishes. This is my favorite because when I use this book, I know I am getting an extremely healthy meal, and I don't have to worry about using many different recipes to come up with a meal. The grains in this book include brown rice, millet, quinoa, wehani rice, and others. Quinoa is excellent and cooks fast. Millet is good too; but can be hard to deal with, so if you start with that, you might get discouraged. The hardest part of this book is that many of the recipes call for ghee, which is Indian clarified butter. You can make it yourself, buy it in the store (premade), or maybe just add extra olive oil. The recipes also vary widely in complexity. Some have very few ingredients, and some have many ingredients and separate sauces. Now that I've used the book for a long time it is easy to pick a simple or a complex recipe depending on my energy. If you are just starting out, try to pick a simple one.  But remember that the more complex dishes are worth it! "- Nkmcalli 

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